Thursday, August 30, 2012

Final Touches! Plus, finally pictures are back!!!

So I've been working on Stacy and Charlie's wall hanging of Charlie's Dad's (Levi) shirts. This project has been very challenging. Every step has had its own challenge and to be honest I am glad they are finally finished! I know they will be something very special to  the homes they are going to and I'm glad to have helped.

Here's what I had to work with.

This is the finished product :)

 Top view of first one
 Here's a side view so you can see the quilting
no worries I haven't wet the chalk marks yet
so they will be easier to see ;)
 Here's a close up of the quilting on the center
of the second one. Blue marking water pen
on this because the chalk didn't show up well
 Top view of the second one
Remember my cousins that I was teaching to sew
Well, here's their finished tops!
 This is Jade, she did a great job!
 This is storm, She did wonderful to :)
I swear this girl looks just like her mama!
Both girls did a great job. they picked their own fabric and design. They also did all the sewing themselves with a little direction to help keep their seems even. Both passed on learning to quilt them lol so they are officially practice tops on the new mid-arm set-up :)
Here it is with the first quilt on and ready to go!
Now if I could just get the thing to stop breaking
thread. I'm sure it's a user error thing ;)
 Here's the side view just so
you can see how close to the door
this is! It's the only wall it fits though so
we're going to go with it at least we can still use the door!

That's all for now! Hope you are all having a great time.

Monday, August 20, 2012

So this is either the smartest or dumbest thing by far that I have ever done!!!!!

There may have been a purchase today of a gracie king size quilting frame and a Janome that has a 9 in throat for the grand total after tax of $851.00. We have the best sewing center in town. he got the frame and machine as a trade in for a new set-up and always sells trade in's for amazing prices. He also guarantees the products to work as they are supposed to. I bought my Elna 5200 from him brand new and he services it for free, that deal is valid until such a time as the store is no longer there!

He just got it in so the machine still needs to be serviced and he is going to bring the frame to the store for us to pick up around Monday...... I cannot wait for Monday!!! Is it here yet? Is it is it is it!!! lol

After we get it home and set up all I need to do is call him and he will come to our house and teach me now to thread everything, load a quilt, roll it up as needed, use the groovy boards ect. The only it doesn't have that I wish it did is a stitch regulator. If I buy one though it will go with the machine :)

Maybe finish paying this off first huh?

Photo borrowed from Google images :)

Now the only problem is where is it going to go.......

Sunday, August 19, 2012

I have a goal.

That goal is to update this blog more often! lol I have been working on things and I have some of the pictures taken but I need to take a few more then I will do an update with pictures!

I have a new quilt top almost finished, I just need to put the center flower on it. My hubby picked it out when we went to Shipshewana, IN in late June.

I have two wall hanging tops done and I want to finish quilting them tomorrow, they are way past due!

I am almost finished with the thread painting (that's what I call it anyway lol) on the wall hanging for my Uncle Doug. The black and white quilt already went home with them.

I taught two of my cousins some sewing basics and they both finish a quilt top of their own. They opted out of learning to quilt them though lol. I need to do that to!

Made some progress on the hexie quilt, two rows completely together three to go and then to start on the boarder!

Payton started 2nd grade, he just finished up the first week. It has been interesting getting back in the groove of school. I have to say it is a good thing though, it's amazing how much more gets done with that extra time! I really miss him throughout the day though, it's so quiet around here.

That's it for now hopefully I can get my booty in gear and take the pics then post them!!!