Tuesday, August 27, 2013


It's not really a surprise to those who know me "in person" instead of online :)

There has been a big reason for going MIA this time! Guess who's pregnant!

It seems pretty safe to announce since I'll be 12 weeks tomorrow, now if only this pesky morning sickness (just morning HA) would go away. I know it's the best/worst diet ever but really I don't really want to lose anymore weight! Not even my sewing room can combat  the incessant nausea and sickness that seems to follow me. Newest Mantra: Breath, this leads to a healthy baby!

In general I'm a pretty open book. It's no surprise how excited we are about our little jellybean. It was a difficult choice to try again after having lost 4 since we had our son. So we gathered up our faith and courage for one last try and I kid you not 2 weeks later we were pregnant (granted we didn't find out until I was a month along). Got into the doctor a.s.a.p. and it seems like there's been an appointment every couple weeks since! Plenty of blood work, which revealed that apparently my body is not making much progesterone (which would have been good to know before since that's the hormone that keeps the baby stable until the placenta attaches) so we've been taking meds for that and are officially 2 weeks past the point where we lost our other angels :)

The ultrasound picture above was taken at 5 weeks, we were so lucky at this appointment because we got to see a heartbeat!  For anyone wondering why that's lucky, the heart begins beating around 5 weeks and isn't always developed enough to view on an ultrasound at this point.

Thankfully, at the last doctor app. all was so well I don't have to go back for a month! Woo-hoo!

We have a poll going about what the baby will be! Do you want to guess along with us?

Post a comment with your guess :)

Payton says boy and wants a boy
Nick says girl and wants a girl
My gut says girl but I'd like another boy!

No matter what Healthy, Happy, and Here would be amazing!!!