Finished Quilts

There are some missing, I didn't think to take pictures of the finished quilts when I first started. I love making quilts for my friends and family. I have made a few now for others, not many because I still consider myself a beginner working on a few novice projects. I make sure the people who want me to do projects for them know that!

This was a jelly roll and charm pack I picked up on clearance. I just made a quick lap quilt out of it and tied it since I hadn't mastered quilting yet and my BFF fell in love with it! Soooo she got it :)

Payton had to test it out to make sure it was comfy enough.
My cousin Hope requested a lap quilt for her couch *she also covered the cost of materials for it! She was the first person who offered to pay for my work. I still can't believe that anyone likes what I do enough to pay for it, especially since my family knows that if it's lap size I'll do it for free* I love Hope, she is so awesome!

Payton picked out the fabrics in this quilt! He wanted a Spiderman Quilt and he was specific in what he wanted! He told me where the colors were to go and said that it Had to have the long yellow lines to seperate them and that it had to have bigger yellow all around it. I may have sewed it for him but he picked every little detail out :) My little fabriholic has two more quilts picked out and waiting for me to have spare time to work on em!

 This is my Daddy's quilt. He loves bowling on the Wii. When I asked him what kind of quilt he wanted he said, " I'll love whatever you make, I'd just like it to cover my feet when I use it." It worked for me! Dad is pretty tall, no he's not standing on anything he's 6 ft. 6 in tall, so as you can imagine finding a cover that well..... covers can be a challenge. Especially, something lightweight for the recliner.
I got him with his eyes closed lol. Dad's a truck driver so he is only home on the weekends. I hope he'll get to retire and enjoy some time for what he wants soon.

I like taking pictures of him if you can't tell :)
 This is Gabriella, my friend Natalie's daughter. She's a bit older now, actually she's trying to walk now! I made this quilt and gave it to Nat at her babyshower.
It got a french binding so this is it actually finished, you can see how the binding worked on the picture right above this one.
 This is Jodie's quilt, My DH's step-mom and one of my two favorite MIL's. She's not in the picture, this was taken at the Shipshewana, IN meet n greet for the QuiltingBoard. It was my turn at show and tell :) Jodie just wanted something to cover the back of her couch and not a regular sized lap quilt.
 This one was a baby quilt to. It went to my cousin Candace for her second child, Little Dessie. I also made a baby quilt for her sister, Caprise, for her first child Eden. I have a quilt in progress for Jacob, who is Candace's first child. Follow that? lol

 This is My DH's quilt. Does it look odd to you? I think so! He requested a "HoBo Quilt" ........ Yep that's right I love my hubby so a "HoBo Quilt" he got. I put some patches on it and tacked it down with button in the center of each square and made sure none of them matched!!! He loved it, wierdly enough it seems to be the cover of choice around here. Payton and him are always in a race to see who gets it first. hahahah it's a riot to watch!

Baby quilt for Kristen's Baby shower

Aunt Chris and Uncle Donald's Wall Hanging

My Mom has one for her couch (but it's lap sized and the second one I ever hand quilted)
Now you remember me saying not all the quilts I've finished are pictured?  Yes you say? Well here's a list of them. I do know which ones I need to get pics of or find them for lol

Faith and Destiny (my cousin's twin girls) Each got one.

Eden's Quilt I mentioned above was the first one I ever hand quilted.

My FIL's quilt is tied I believe.

Memory Quilt for Jodie from her Mom (Waneta)'s shirts.

 Beth (My DH's ex girlfriend) had me make one for her daughter out of her *the daughters* flannel baby blankets (this was the first one I got paid to where it didn't just cover materials).

 Aunt Gracie's Quilt all finished and on her bed in Iowa :)

Jade's Quilt is all quilted (first one on the new to me mid-arm!)

 Wall hanging one for S and C
Wall hanging two for S and C, the loved them :)

I think that's it for the one's I have completely finished!


  1. WONDERFUL job!! What lovely quilts! I have to say you have inspired some GREAT ideas in me! Thank you! Heather :)

  2. You have some beautiful projects here! I particularly love that bright pink and blue quilt! Gorgeous!

    1. Thanks :) It was a fun one and finished in a day.

  3. I'm from a family of truckers! They're the greatest people on earth, aren't they? I'm saying prayers for his safety. And one that he'll be able to retire soon.

    1. They really are! I think mom said he should be able to retire in another 7 years :)