Friday, December 14, 2012

Easy Street!

I know there are lots of quilters out there following Bonnie Hunter's Easy Street Mystery. I'm one of them..... a much slower them lol

Yes I recycled the picture :) They are actually
finished now and all 4-patches :)

I just finished step one the day before yesterday. I really need to get cutting on step two, maybe once I get the house cleaned I'll have some time before picking little man up from the bus stop.

Tonight is going to be fun :) My cousin Nathan and I are going to see The Hobbit (my hubby to if I can convince him to). It seems like we don't often get a chance to hang out, usually Nick and him will play a video game when he comes over. I am not a gamer, Mario and Donky Kong are the two games I can play with any level of talent! Well, I have been known to dabble in Fable and Overlord but liking to play them and doing well at them are two very different things!

Payton's Christmas program was on Wednesday and wouldn't you know I didn't get one picture! I took my camera, battery was fully charged fromt he new charger. All was good, I even got a pic of Nick and Payton in the parking lot before we went in. Went to snap a shot of him onstage and it kept saying E61:00. What could have possibly caused an error???? Errr.... There was a silver lining though. Nick promised me a new camera when we have the extra to do it. I hope he realizes he still needs to get me a Christmas gift ;) Well, he doesn't have to but previous years have proved that even if I am happy if he feels like he didn't get me something himself (previous as in before marriage lol) he feels bad. I have no idea why because I've never been unhappy at Christmas, It happens to be my favorite holiday! I love giving gifts to people and watching them open them. I really don't care if I get a gift or not. Okay enough of that tangent... sorry. Anyway, he'll have the money for my gift next week so maybe it will not be a christmas without pictures after all!

Here's a shot that Jodie took with her camera :) Poor thing was so nervous on stage that he didn't sing one word or follow one move. Just stood there fidgeting.

I got the folded dahlia pillow finished, it's a christmas present. I'll post who's after the holiday.

Recycled again :) I'll post a finished when I find a way
to get some pictues!

Rayven is supposed to come over this weekend and hopefully finish the quilt she wants to make for a christmas present that I'm helping her with.

As luck would have it our cousin Corey is supposed to stay the night with Payton tomorrow night so if Rayven comes then she'll actually get a bit more help!

I still need to finish quilting Dan's Memory Quilt. I need to borrow a table from Sue to help hold the bulk of it up while quilting. Hopefully, that's on the list for next week!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Getting back in the groove! Oh and pictures :)

I know, I know.... I'm so far behind it's not even funny... okay it's a little funny :p

I have pictures again! We finally broke down and bought a new charger for that pesky battery. Lucky us BestBuy had it for $40 (as opposed to the $60-70 I kept finding online) and we had a $5 off coupon! I think it counts as part of my christmas lol.

Have you heard about Bonnie Hunter's Mystery quilt along? I'm loving it so far :) There are 3 clues out so far not including the yardage requirements. *cough* I haven't finished clue one yet..... it is started though.
Here are the fabrics I have for it. Some bought some from my stash.

 Finally have the ironing and cutting done for step one. Now to put the 4-patches together and get them sewn.

Here's a tour of my new sewing room! Finally put that design wall idea to good use! It used two 8 ft by 4ft foam insulation boards duct taped together so that they can still fold in half if needed. Then it got covered with a bunch of white felt. I know some people use flannel or fleece but I love how the felt holds the fabric and even the quilt on it in the pic doesn't need any pins. Of course if you look I have a pin in each of the top corners, but that's more about the kitty on the ironing board rather than the felt lol He thinks it's funny to knock down what I'm working on! 

 Behind the door I put up command strips to help keep all of
my often used quilting things in order.
...... don't mind that disk it doesn't actually got here
Payton helped me organize lol

 The quilt machine is finally in it's forever home!
It should be ready to use before to long. Just gotta find
homes for all the stuff on it! Sadly it still needs done.
It was more important to get the rest of our home organized
first so we could live comfortably, next it'll be time to
fix this so I can sew comfortably!

 I have a thing for Faeries, can't you tell? All the artwork
on the walls in here is by Amy Brown. I just love her work!

 I still have to figure out what's going to say on those shelves.
Right now their being used as a catch all for breakables and things
that are used often like charm packes and clover clips.

 That was my sewing room. Now to catch up on some projects! There hasn't been much forward momentum as you can probably tell but in the last few days there has been a start.

 This is going to be a Christmas Gift. A folded Dahlia Pillow.
The only problem is I have no idea how to finish it from this point!
Any suggestions would be welcome :)_

Here's a closeup of the fabrics. I used some a bit of the prints I'm saving
for a very special quilt for my Dad. Still working on the pattern but I have at least 2 yards of each. I think there was enough to spare a few squares..... (anybody else just think of Seinfeld there?)
That's about it for the catch up today. I'll try and get a few more pics of things as they get organized and start looking better! Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or any other holiday you may be celebrating this season!
P.S. please don't mind any odd formatting in this post, blogger is acting funny over here and I'm not sure how it's going to turn out at this point! Fingers crossed it comes out "in the wash".

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I'm still here :)

We got all of our things moved and all but about a dozen boxes unpacked and in their place. There was some trouble getting the internet up and running but it finally got fixed Monday! More updates to come I'm just trying to get the new sewing room finished so it can start getting some use! Hope you all are doing well.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

How is your weekend?

I hope it's going great! Doing well here :)  We have gotten quite a bit more packing done here with lots left to go! Only about 2 more weeks until we can start moving! The charger for the camera is still elusive..... pesky thing, the theory has now moved to it got batted under the couch maybe (one has a pull out bed and is to heavy to move the other got pushed back to far and is kind of wedged under the window a bit tight) I still think a the cats ate it lol.

I went and got a TDaP shot (tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis) as I scraped my arm on a rusty nail helping move the old kitchen cabinets out of the old house so they could be given to Elizabeth (they are in better shape than hers and actually really nice still). Every room in the new house is getting some type of remodel! Once again, we are going to have the best landlord ever!!! Actually we've never had a bad one just to be clear, we just really love Jerry :)

I had to go get a new phone yesterday, my old one finally got on my nerves enough to complain about it (in the form of high pitched squealing that lasted for 30 min)...... Really liking the new one, once again I have android and can play games and listen to music...... ah sweet music I missed you.

Payton is camping with his Paw-Paw Mike and Grandma Jodie this weekend, it's trick-or-treating at the campground. Nick and I are going to head out there when he gets off work at 2:30.

We got some other exciting news, but I can't share it yet. Hopefully, we'll find out more about it on Tuesday and I can share on Wednesday... Please cross your fingers for us and send up a few words to the big guy upstairs, if that's your believe, no pushing here ;)  Have a great weekend and hope to talk to you soon!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Still no charger, but I'm going to blog all the same!

I pulled this house apart looking for our camera charger. Alas, it did not good in turning up the charger. There was a silver lining though, our living room is now packed and ready for the move! I'm still holding out a little hope that maybe it just got set in a weird place and as we pack the rest of the rooms it will turn up. Buying a new charger, although not to expensive, just isn't in the cards until after the move!

Sue, my Mommy-in-law, and I have been spending some time together quilting this week and ended up making 2 trips to Nancy J's also! I needed variegated thread to quilt the Batik diamonds quilt *On a side note my BFF thinks it should be called stained glass because that's what it reminds her of* I picked up one spool because it was before payday and that's all I could afford at the time...... Of course I ran out! You saw that coming a mile away didn't you? :) It's okay we went back yesterday and I got the last spool of it to finish the quilt, I'm heading up to do that after this. *cough* I may have picked up some new pretties while we were there, the main one was a clearance of course :) I have another quilt pin basted and ready to go when this is done, well aside from picking thread and designs.
This one is up next! I wanted to use it for practice
on the mid-arm but the backing wasn't long enough
and I really wanted it that fabric without
piecing a strip around it.

Sue started on a quilt for her son Shawn, who is a very interesting Brother-in-law let me tell you, it's a log cabin in shades of grey. He picked out the pattern and fabrics, it is supposed to end up a bit larger than lap sized. It is going to look great when it's finished!

Piecing backings for some finished tops has been the main goal while we were sewing together the last few days. I need to get the backing and batting the right size to be able to put them on the frame and practice quilting them with the mid-arm...... Lots more practice is needed on that front! I think a machine with a longer arm would be a massive help but price puts a damper on that until further notice, much further.

My hubby came up while I was quilting yesterday evening and asked me why we bought the mid-arm that's downstairs if I was just going to quilt on my domestic anyway! I think it was the quizzical expression that really hit me as funny, be proud I did not laugh out loud ;) I explained that the really pretty quilts that I want to look great right away will still be quilted on the domestic until I get good enough on the mid-arm to make them look like someone older than 6 scribbled on it!

Now don't get me wrong. I love using the mid-arm. It is really fun :) I am having the most trouble remembering where to stop so I don't hit the bar with the machine and get a weird spot that should have been smooth. Then there's the learning to control the motion from the handle instead of the fabric, it can be quite challenging. Challenges are fun but not to be taken lightly on your best quilt tops! Or is that just me? It could be. When time permits a few quick tops will be made for more practice along with a few I have here that are ready.

Why am I not practicing now, you ask? It's that pesky and yet amazing move coming up! I don't want to practice until we move the machine where it is going to stay. Plus, there is going to be so much more space in the new place that quilting will be easy and enjoyable again! I enjoy sitting down to quilt here but it's actually a pain to try and move around to cut and iron and keep pieces in order while sewing. It's because there is no space to lay a quilt out to see it or keep it in order. No space for a design wall or even a sheet to roll the pieces laid in place on. The more I think about the new place the more excited I get! Lol, the timing is perfect to. Not to hot, not to cold and we'll have some help loading and unloading things.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Our house has been taken over! plus I got to buy a couple more pretties today ;)

Our house has been taken over by illness! Boo....... I got it first and am just not feeling like myself... sadly my poor husband caught it next and is currently at work suffering because his work does not offer sick days (paid or otherwise). He refuses to miss anyway unless he's knocking on deaths door and is to delirious to stop me from calling him in (which has only happened once in 7 years).  Let's all cross our fingers that Payton's isn't up next!

I picked up a brown and green fabric from Joann's for Dan's Quilt of Drew.

I have a couple finishing touches to get the last cushion for Jodie completely finished and promised to drop it off later tonight or tomorrow morning.

We're getting many things that are not often used boxed up and ready for the big day Nov. 1st. I think some deep cleaning is in order tonight.... maybe the charger will turn up! If not we'll stick with the "cat ate it" excuse and figure out how to fit a new charger into the budget.


Monday, September 24, 2012

Applique', boxing, pets, sickness, painting, moving... whew I'm tired just after reading it!

One month 6 days! Until the big move that is ;) So I started boxing things that won't be used between now and then to get ahead start. Sinus season is in full swing and I'm already not having fun on the trip, hopefully it doesn't turn into full blown illness. This past weekend we stayed the night at our friends place, Payton to, and helped them move into a new place to! Actually, it was lots of fun getting to hang out for the entire weekend with friends. Payton always loves getting to see his Uncle Dan *also his godfather* and Sarah *Dan's girlfriend*. I started a new applique' project and am sewing down block 2 of 15 not including the center medallion.

The camera charger is still MIA.... I'm beginning to think a cat ATE the darn thing! If it doesn't show up soon something else will have to be figured out, this is much more interesting with pictures!!!!

Elizabeth's cat Carlos (commonly referred to as demon spawn by me) got really sick. He went to the vet and we found out he had an extreme urinary tract infection that was so bad his urethra became plugged! Also found out that can be a common problem in male cats, I didn't know that did you? He stayed at the vet for 3 days having to have a catheter put in to help fix the problem and was on pain meds, antibiotics and lots of TLC. He's home and happy now. I may not be his biggest fan but I'm glad he's better, can't stand to see an animal in pain. Doesn't matter if that animal is nice or not!

Last but not least there has been quite a bit of time this last week, and continuing tomorrow, helping my Mom and Aunt Jen paint a house. Hopefully in the next two or three days it will be done!


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

So many changes in such little time!!!

I think I'm having picture withdrawls! Still can't find that darn charger! Weirdly enough we can't find one of the cats, looked everywhere and he is nowhere to be seen. We're hoping he'll show up soon and keep checking the basement (if they manage to sneak onto the back porch they can get down there) just in case but Carlos has to be in this house somewhere!

Now those changes I hinted about in the title. We are moving into our new place November 1st!!! I am so excited :) I get a sewing room again and payton will have a bigger area to himself and more room to play! Better yet, we go back down to just our dog and 2 cats :) Woo-hoo.

My DH also found a great deal and is getting a Harley! I couldn't believe it lol That tidbit was sprung on me when he got home from work today. We shall see how this goes, but I'm so happy for him. He's been dreaming of a motorcycle for a loooooong time.

I also finished a Quilt top today! The X and O's needs boarders (I don't have a fabric budget left so I'm calling it finished since there is no fabric in my stash to match). I have another with all the blocks done but needs sewn into a top.

If I ever find that darn charger I will post the pictures, I promise.

Oh Yes I almost forgot. We had family pictures taken the other day :) These I can post because they were e-mailed to me. Not taken by a professional (though I think the pics look good as any pro's) so there is no copyright to worry about.

 Here we all are.
 Jodie, Payton , Mike
Step-Mommy-in-law, Daddy-in-law
 Sue, Payton
Mommy-in-law, Son
 Terry, Shirley, Payton
Daddy, Mommy, Son ;)
 Our hands trying to look like hearts lol
Nick, Mallorie, Payton
My DH, Me, DS
I really like how they turned out :) Happy Quilting and hope you all have a great week!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Catching up on projects!

I'm so excited! Nick (my husband)'s quilt is an official quilt top. That center flower wasn't as bad as I built it up to be. Don't mind the mess, between hubby and son it does no good to pick up until they go to bed!

Actually I made progress on two things this week. I also follow Bonnie Hunter's blog Quiltville and there was a challenge posted a bit back about handwork an hour a day! I haven't linked up yet but I have been keeping track and getting more than I anticipated done on the Hexi Quilt! It now has 3 rows completely attached with only 2 more left, well that and borders. :) Sadly the camera battery charger is MIA so I don't have a pic. I do have a serious annoyance of the darn cats that like to bat it around if they notice it on my computer desk : /  I'll search tomorrow, this afternoon is reserved for quilting at Sally's with Sue :)
Suzie went with me yesterday to Heaven on Earth, which is about 30 min away, and I picked up heat resistant templar template material. I was so excited about finally getting it that I got all 8 blocks from a follow along cut out yesterday! Now to grab a nail file an check for bumps, get my fabrics, starch, paintbrush, and June Tayor cutting mat and ironing board combo, and templates ready to go.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Tutorial- How to make alternating diamonds

I posted this on the Quilting Board yesterday and figured I should share here to. I realize this isn't a new design but am confident that no laws/rules are broken because I figured it out on my own before ever seeing it anywhere else. :)

For the intermediate/advance quilter, you can skip about halfway down if you'd like. I wrote this from start to finish so that even the most basic beginner can follow.

Materials Needed-
You can cut your own squares or triangles.
I am using two charm packs.
Two Fall Batik Charm packs from Connecting threads (which equals one reg.charm pack from almost anywhere else)
One White on White charm pack from Wal-mart that my Aunt gifted me.
Your choice of boarders- I picked up One Yard of a Blue Batik from Heaven on Earth (an LQS about a half hour away) I only think it will take a half yard when sewn but haven't done that yet lol

 If you cut triangles you can skip this step! I like to
fold my light fabric in half and crease it with an iron
instead of using a marking pen.
 Still loving this iron :)
 All done and here is what we are working with.
On the black and white quilt I used the
easy angle ruler and cut 6.5 in HST then
sewed them together individually. I find
the square process so very much faster!
Match one light to one dark, right sides together. 
I pin mine to prevent shifting
 About half done
 Using a 1/4 in foot line it up with the crease and sew
down one side. Chain piecing these goes quickly.
 Now we flip around and do the same down the other side
chain stitching the other side.
 Line your ruler up and cut down the middle.
 All but one of mine looked like this :)
 I got in a hurry on one and look what happened!
I just re-sewed it with a scant quarter inch and it
was fine after trimming up... oops ===:o
 Don't forget to set your seam!
The Quilt Police might show up if you forget ;)
 All ironed and ready for trimming.
 I trimmed down to 4" but they could have easily been 4.5
I just have a severe dislike of pinked edges.
The mess with my seams : /
 Now pick out 4 of your favorites.
These are mine.
 Put them together to create our center diamond.
 Now take our next two and make a light triangle
right above our dark triangle.
 Repeat that for the other three sides.
 Now fill in your corners, just math dark edges
together to make a solid line.
 Next we put our Dark triangles above the light
go ahead and do all four sides :)
 Now we fill in the light line, just match
light to light. Then you can start on filling
in the dark corners.
 Rinse and Repeat with light corners just as we
did the last couple times.
 Keep going until you have the size you want!
See easy as pie!
 If yo want to make sewing easier the quilt can
be split up into 4 identical quarters.
 It breaks down to this.
 For visual learners here it is separated to make the
block orientation very clear.
Don't Forget to pick a boarder you really like!
I love this one but will add a small solid white boarder first to
help separate the top from the boarder.
If your a rebel, you can skip the boarder all together and just quilt and bind!