Saturday, October 6, 2012

Still no charger, but I'm going to blog all the same!

I pulled this house apart looking for our camera charger. Alas, it did not good in turning up the charger. There was a silver lining though, our living room is now packed and ready for the move! I'm still holding out a little hope that maybe it just got set in a weird place and as we pack the rest of the rooms it will turn up. Buying a new charger, although not to expensive, just isn't in the cards until after the move!

Sue, my Mommy-in-law, and I have been spending some time together quilting this week and ended up making 2 trips to Nancy J's also! I needed variegated thread to quilt the Batik diamonds quilt *On a side note my BFF thinks it should be called stained glass because that's what it reminds her of* I picked up one spool because it was before payday and that's all I could afford at the time...... Of course I ran out! You saw that coming a mile away didn't you? :) It's okay we went back yesterday and I got the last spool of it to finish the quilt, I'm heading up to do that after this. *cough* I may have picked up some new pretties while we were there, the main one was a clearance of course :) I have another quilt pin basted and ready to go when this is done, well aside from picking thread and designs.
This one is up next! I wanted to use it for practice
on the mid-arm but the backing wasn't long enough
and I really wanted it that fabric without
piecing a strip around it.

Sue started on a quilt for her son Shawn, who is a very interesting Brother-in-law let me tell you, it's a log cabin in shades of grey. He picked out the pattern and fabrics, it is supposed to end up a bit larger than lap sized. It is going to look great when it's finished!

Piecing backings for some finished tops has been the main goal while we were sewing together the last few days. I need to get the backing and batting the right size to be able to put them on the frame and practice quilting them with the mid-arm...... Lots more practice is needed on that front! I think a machine with a longer arm would be a massive help but price puts a damper on that until further notice, much further.

My hubby came up while I was quilting yesterday evening and asked me why we bought the mid-arm that's downstairs if I was just going to quilt on my domestic anyway! I think it was the quizzical expression that really hit me as funny, be proud I did not laugh out loud ;) I explained that the really pretty quilts that I want to look great right away will still be quilted on the domestic until I get good enough on the mid-arm to make them look like someone older than 6 scribbled on it!

Now don't get me wrong. I love using the mid-arm. It is really fun :) I am having the most trouble remembering where to stop so I don't hit the bar with the machine and get a weird spot that should have been smooth. Then there's the learning to control the motion from the handle instead of the fabric, it can be quite challenging. Challenges are fun but not to be taken lightly on your best quilt tops! Or is that just me? It could be. When time permits a few quick tops will be made for more practice along with a few I have here that are ready.

Why am I not practicing now, you ask? It's that pesky and yet amazing move coming up! I don't want to practice until we move the machine where it is going to stay. Plus, there is going to be so much more space in the new place that quilting will be easy and enjoyable again! I enjoy sitting down to quilt here but it's actually a pain to try and move around to cut and iron and keep pieces in order while sewing. It's because there is no space to lay a quilt out to see it or keep it in order. No space for a design wall or even a sheet to roll the pieces laid in place on. The more I think about the new place the more excited I get! Lol, the timing is perfect to. Not to hot, not to cold and we'll have some help loading and unloading things.

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  1. Thank you for your wonderful story that starts with camera charger, lovely.