Friday, September 28, 2012

Our house has been taken over! plus I got to buy a couple more pretties today ;)

Our house has been taken over by illness! Boo....... I got it first and am just not feeling like myself... sadly my poor husband caught it next and is currently at work suffering because his work does not offer sick days (paid or otherwise). He refuses to miss anyway unless he's knocking on deaths door and is to delirious to stop me from calling him in (which has only happened once in 7 years).  Let's all cross our fingers that Payton's isn't up next!

I picked up a brown and green fabric from Joann's for Dan's Quilt of Drew.

I have a couple finishing touches to get the last cushion for Jodie completely finished and promised to drop it off later tonight or tomorrow morning.

We're getting many things that are not often used boxed up and ready for the big day Nov. 1st. I think some deep cleaning is in order tonight.... maybe the charger will turn up! If not we'll stick with the "cat ate it" excuse and figure out how to fit a new charger into the budget.



  1. I found your site through the QB. Love your quilt tutorial with the hst's!

    1. Thanks! I'm really glad you like it :) Love the QB, it is very addicting lol I went over to check out your blog..... you have a new follower, Love it! I think you may be my new hero using paper to graph out your own quilt! Just WOW :)