Tuesday, September 18, 2012

So many changes in such little time!!!

I think I'm having picture withdrawls! Still can't find that darn charger! Weirdly enough we can't find one of the cats, looked everywhere and he is nowhere to be seen. We're hoping he'll show up soon and keep checking the basement (if they manage to sneak onto the back porch they can get down there) just in case but Carlos has to be in this house somewhere!

Now those changes I hinted about in the title. We are moving into our new place November 1st!!! I am so excited :) I get a sewing room again and payton will have a bigger area to himself and more room to play! Better yet, we go back down to just our dog and 2 cats :) Woo-hoo.

My DH also found a great deal and is getting a Harley! I couldn't believe it lol That tidbit was sprung on me when he got home from work today. We shall see how this goes, but I'm so happy for him. He's been dreaming of a motorcycle for a loooooong time.

I also finished a Quilt top today! The X and O's needs boarders (I don't have a fabric budget left so I'm calling it finished since there is no fabric in my stash to match). I have another with all the blocks done but needs sewn into a top.

If I ever find that darn charger I will post the pictures, I promise.

Oh Yes I almost forgot. We had family pictures taken the other day :) These I can post because they were e-mailed to me. Not taken by a professional (though I think the pics look good as any pro's) so there is no copyright to worry about.

 Here we all are.
 Jodie, Payton , Mike
Step-Mommy-in-law, Daddy-in-law
 Sue, Payton
Mommy-in-law, Son
 Terry, Shirley, Payton
Daddy, Mommy, Son ;)
 Our hands trying to look like hearts lol
Nick, Mallorie, Payton
My DH, Me, DS
I really like how they turned out :) Happy Quilting and hope you all have a great week!

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