Bucket List

Upcoming projects and ones that are "on my list" to buy fabric for or start. It also includes UFO's and WIP's! I love planning projects, but most of all I love finishing them :)


These are block from a swap I did on the QuiltingBoard. I'm still thinking on how I want to finish them :)
 I actually have all these done and ready to applique on a background. This will most likely be for Elizabeth since she loves these colors. She thinks it will look good on a dark background so we shall see!
No plan for this yet! My MIL Sue picked this up for me when she was in South Carolina. Still keeping an eye out for the perfect pattern.
 These are the coordinates for teh next picture. I'm going to use them both in a quilt for my Dad. He was in the Air Force and I have a neat fleece panel for the back of it.
 Here's the middle panel. When Mom and Dad took me to the Shipshewana, IN Quilt show last year for my birthday he saw this panel in a quilt and just loved it. So I found the panel and the coordiantes and we'll see what happens :)

I have this top finished and it needs quilted. I have an idea who will get it but I'm not saying just yet ;) hehehe
 This is my MIL Jodie's mom's WIP. Waneta passed away last year and Jodie gave me this since she knows I quilt. It's a printed panel and about 1/4 of it is already hand quilted. So the plan is to follow what has already been done and hand quilt the rest of it.

If you've been following on the home tab then you've seen this before! I have an idea who this will be for when it's finished to but again, I don't want to spoil the surprise!!!

Other WIP's that I have are:

3 quilt tops my Grandma Ray made. I'm quilting them for her and then she'll give them to whichever child of hers she made them for (there were 11 kids these are just the first 3 she gave me to work on!)
 This one is actually quilted and is in the process of being bound
 Don't mind the side table mess :p

Payton's rainbow quilt (blocks are done from a swap on QB) I actually need to make a block so it's even, I had mailing issues with one, all my fault though :) He picked out a rainbow striped fabric for the binding, haven't decided for or against sashing or what boarder(s) will work.

My first quilt - top is done and about 1/3 quilted. It just keeps going to the back of the pile lol

Table runner for my mom in sunflowers. I already make 2 placemats, but she wants a runner. So I have the same fabric as in the mats left, just need to pick out another coordianting one and a block!

 I don't know if you can see the verigated thread I used for the quilting on the placemat

Kendall's quilt- I made fleece tie blankets for her brothers and am making her a quilt. It's started, there are quite a few "bits" to it. Sadly, I don't have a great plan now since I *cough* misplaced the pattern that was drawn out....

Jacob's Quilt- It's a transformers quilt. I have the fabric, working on what pattern will fit best.

Moose wall hanging for my Uncle Doug. It's a printed panel so It's just quilting and I need the practice!

Sue's Quilt- My MIL Sue is also a quilter and I want her quilt to be something special since she is the amazing lady that got me into quilting in the first place. I can't spill what's in the works since I'm pretty sure she checks in here from time to time ;) Yea, I know you're there Suzie :p Love you Mom!!

A wall hanging for Nick, he loves wolves and really liked this pattern so it's in progress to. It needs ironed before it gets anything else done lol

My Grandma Berry (my dad's mom) Made this quilt top eons ago! It's been sitting under my moms bed for years. She made it out of her old pantsuits :) At some point I want to quilt it and make it into a finished product! It's really heavy so not sure about it actually being used and I'm thinking STID since I keep hearing polyester is a pain in the rear to work with! It's also huge... DH couldn't hold it all up :)

Fairy blocks from e-bay that will someday become a quilt

Drunkerds path blocks for wall hanging
 X and O's Quilt-no clue where her home will be yet....

Dan and Sara's Memory Quilt of Drew

Storm's quilt needs quilted

This is the pattern for Nick's quilt, Actually it's a quilt top but needs the center flower sewn down.

Bucket List

Payton's pirate quilt - not yet started but all the fabric is here!

New York Beauty.... someday

Double Wedding ring... someday ;)


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