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 This is a bit about me and my family. It gets complicated..... and then not so complicated :)

I am adopted. Let me explain a bit more. I am adopted into the same family. Are you with me still? Good :) My biological mom *Sandy* had a son *Kyle*. Sandy and Kyle's dad split up. She met  Tony. They had me and did not have the money to have me, as I understand it. Sandy's Aunt Shirley, who would be my Great Aunt, desperatly wanted a child and had 8 miscarriages in 13 years trying for one.

See where this is going ;)

My Mom *Shirley* and my Dad *Terry*  adopted me at 5 weeks old. For a long time I had some resentment that they kept me for 5 whole weeks before deciding I was to expensive. That resentment has dwindled so greatly that I can't even tell if there is any anymore, because I love my parents and they have been so amazingly wonderful that all I feel is thankful that I was given to them.

There were second thoughts, they turned into a year long court battle for custody. They lost, thanks to the judge that saw what would be best for the child.

A couple years later Sandy and Tony had another little girl, they named her Domonique. They kept her and raised her and Kyle. Until I turned 13 I had little to no contact with any of them and did not realize who and what they were to me until I was 11. I stayed with them for 2 weeks when I was 13 to get to know them and build a relationship with them. My Mom and Dad actually incouraged this even though I know it was difficult for them. I think my Mom thought I would want Sandy as a mother instead of her. That did not happen.

I actually Love spending time with Sandy, We get to have fun and visit and have so much in common it's scary. We bonded like friends instead of parent/child. Actually, we are friends to be specific. Sometimes she will get Payton christmas or birthday gifts and he can call her Ganna if he wants, he doesn't but that's because he doesn't like the word ganna lol. He calls her Sandy but understands that she is one of his Grandma's to.

I don't know Kyle very well, When we are together we get along great and it's like we were always together :) I love that. He is married to a woman named Sheena that I have met once and know even less about so I can't really give you an opinion there, she seems nice enough. They have two of the most adorable kids. One boy *Jeremy* and one girl *Shyanne*.

Domonique is my sister and our mannerisms are so alike it's disturbing. For the most part mannarisms is where the likeness stops, well except for looks those are eerily similar as well. Our views and how we speak, those are like day and night. DeeDee (as I call her) has one beautiful little girl *Allayah* and is pregnant with her second baby.  I love chatting with DeeDee on Facebook and talking with her on the phone. I really enjoyed when she came to visit and her and Alayah stayed with us, but our differences tend to make us argue and to be honest my feelings can be easily hurt when it comes to her. I don't really know why, can't seem to pinpoint that one yet.

Are you still with me? Typically I've lost people by now when talking face to face :)

My husbands immediate family is a twisted mess as well but much less complicated.
Mike is Nick's Dad.
Sue is Nick's Mom.
Jodie is Nick's Step-Mom.
Pam is Mike's first wife from eons ago.
Gerald is Sue's first husband from Eons ago.

Got all that? me either lol moving on
Sue and Gerald had:

Mike and Pam had:

Sue and Mike had:

That is as simple as I can put that! By the time Sue and Mike had Nick all the others were pretty much grown and out.

I will say that Sue, Mike and Jodie are all amazing people and get along great. They are wonderful Grandparents and I don't know what we would do without them in our lives.

As for Nick's siblings. Shawn is really fun to hang out with an the times I've met Stevie he seems to have a good since of humor and is nice. Troy lives in Florida and in the almost 12 years that Nick and I have been together he has been here once, he is very quiet and had a very dry sense of humor, I quite like him. I have never met Yvonne, she lives in South Carolina. I cannot comment on the other two because I don't want to say negative things on here :) So we'll leave it at that!

That takes care of immediate family, here is the short version of extended family: My mom has 10 siblings and my dad has 5. Nine of my moms are still with us and only one of my dad's is. I'm not going into all that! this post would never end .

Now that you have all the back story here is my favorie part.

My Hubby and I got together when I was 14. He was 16. We went to the same school.

 We were in evening school alot together. Didn't know who each other was didn't talk and everytime I'd look at him he'd be looking at his book and I'd pretend to read when he'd glance my way. That went on for oh I'd say a couple months. I could never make it to school on time so every tuesday and thursday I'd have to attend school 3 hours over as punishment since they didn't think detention was enough!
When I saw him in the lunch room I told my friends "I'm going to marry him." They were pretty skeptical, not that I can blame them. We started dating October of 2000 at the school Halloween dance. A couple of friends literally pushed us together and pretty much told us to dance and talk cuz they were tired of hearing us talk about each other lol. It was funny since until that point we had never spoke one word to each other. He walked me home and asked me out that night.

 We had a pregnancy scare when I was 16. My Mom put her foot down when that happened (actually I'm a bit surprise Nick's still living lol) and forced us to break up. That lasted a full year until I turned 17 and stood up for myself. She gave in when she saw how serious I was. I think she was a bit tired of fighting me to lol.

I graduated High school at 17 and not long after I turned 18 Nick and I moved into our first micro mini place. It was a 1 bedroom converted garage that E's Dad rented to us. It didn't take long and I was pregnant for real! We were actually trying to have a baby. We thought we were ready and prepared lol. I had only had my job at American stationary for a couple months when I got pregant. Actually, before we realized I was prego I kind of wrecked a 4 wheeler, rode it up a tree and the handlebars ramed into my stomach as it rolled over me and down the hill. I got fired from that job when I was almost 3mths prego. The morning sickness was so bad that I was hospitalized 6 times in 2 months for dehydration. Finally, the ob/gyn perscribed me Fenergan (no idea if it's spelled right) and I could manage to keep down enough to stay hydrated! I weighed 145 when I got knocked up and by the time 3mths along rolled around I was 110. Not a good way to start. Luckily by 9mths I was back to that origional weight although I looked like a basket ball had been inserted into my belly :P

Never in my life have I though having a baby would be so traumatic! Labor and Delivery is bad enough but the damage that something so tiny can do is amazing. I don't want to get graphic so lets just say there was a vein that needed emergency stitching and there was no time for pain killers :(

Payton was a healthy and Happy 7lbs 3/4 oz. and 19in. long I believe. That was the hardest and the best day of my life.

We had actually closed on our house June 30th a little over a month before our little man arrived. Talk about cutting it close! We lived in that house for the first 4 years of Payton's life. Little did we know the challenges that came with being a homeowner.

The worst and catalyst for us letting the house go (which was after many other issues with the mortgage company) was when they did not pay our homeowners insurance, the money was in escrow for it btw, let it lapse, and arranged and paid their own policy for it which was double our yearly fee but every 6 mths. Yup 4X the amount and tried to jack up our house payment an extra 200 a month. First off we couldn't pay that. Second, we wouldn't have even if we could since our policy met every requirement in our mortgage contract.

Oddly, letting the house go into forclosure was the best/worst thing we could have done. Worst because of our credit now.... soooo much worse. Best because for what what we should have been paying we ended up renting a house 3x as big! If it hadn't been for the ridiculous heating bills we'd still be there.

We are hoping to use our tax money to buy a forclosure and not have to deal with a mortgage or rent at all if we can find one that is liveable and make improvents one room at a time. So we'll cross our fingers closer to march :)

I think that covers everything! If your still reading, thanks so much for following along this far! I know it's alot but I think this gives a better insight into me and my family. I love reading the about me pages that people have on their blogs or from my favorite authours. It's like getting to know someone without being face to face. Good and bad but still fun.

Happy Quilting!

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