Sunday, December 15, 2013

Time and Miley!

My goodness, I hope that things calm down a bit before Christmas! Everything is going pretty good around here. We've had a couple snags that, thankfully, have been worked out.

Did I post when Miley got the stitches out of her ear almost 2 weeks ago? I can't remember.

Well, our girl had her stitches out all of a week and a half, her ear healed up beautifully. Then BAM, it started to fill up again... we rushed her back to the vet hoping it would help for it to only be about 1/3 the size it was when we took her the first time.

Actually, that did help! She did not have to have surgery this time since her ear was not as bad :) She is back on antibiotics again and another month of prednesone and he re-packed her ears with this awesome stuff that keeps her from getting another infection for at least 2 weeks, if for some reason it doesn't go down or gets worse then she will have to have surgery again. It's been a couple days and her ear is looking less tight so we'll just give her meds time to do their job.  ( She has had chronic ear infections all of her life, these two hematoma's are a result of that and had never shown up before.)

All is good with regard to Payton and Rosalyn :)

I missed the last monday link-up for Celtic Solstice, that's okay though I'm hoping to link up this week so long as I get something sewn tonight!!!

Let's just not mention the T-shirt quilt... Okay, but let's just make a long story short and say the backing was the problem and I get to unpick the 1/3rd of the way that I did manage to get quilted (3-4 inches at a time) by Wednesday. Live and learn, what can I say this lesson will def. stick and happens to be the reason for getting behind on the mystery!

Glitches and all it has still been a really good week and weekend. Loving time with my family and looking forward to even more of it since hubby should be laid off after this coming week for a couple months. 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Chaos Rules the Week!

I haven't had a chance to upload my pictures for the Monday link up for Celtic Solstice yet! It has been an amazingly busy weekend/week already :)

Having some technical difficulties with quilting a t-shirt quilt, Santa shop at kiddo's school (I volunteer a couple days), lab/doctor/chiropractor appointment, Quilt guild Christmas program (pitch-in so cooking was required, I made buck-eyes), and to top it off hubby's truck is deciding to act up again! Oh I almost forgot, Christmas lunch with our church quilt guild this afternoon. I think I really just want to clean my house and sew!

I'm not complaining or whining here just Whew it seems like two weeks should have passed! Hahaha, thank goodness for family and a sense of humor :) I'm hoping tonight will be relatively chaos free and I can get a post for it up and going! Wish me luck and remember if you have a week of chaos, find the humor it's much more entertaining than stress!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Celtic Solstice Mystery Part 1

Celtic Solstice Part 1

I've been so excited for this mystery to start! Don't you just love getting to drool over your fabric choices and the anticipation of the first clue, I know I do. 

I plan to link-up to Celtic Solstice Mystery Link up Part 1 over at Quiltville. A huge Thank You to Miss Bonnie for taking the time to share these mysteries every year and all the extras she does for us. I actually sewed all these units while catching up on a couple quilt cams I had missed! 

Here are my units all done and laid out in stacks of 10. I have a couple close-ups a bit further down.

Payton gets a kick out of the fact that I tend to match my shirt to my sewing ;) Not on purpose mind you but he had to snap a picture and I've been "ordered" to include it. lol 
Don't get used to seeing pictures of me
I usually hide from cameras. What can I
say, I'm a softie for my kiddo :) 

Miley has been in the holiday mood lately, even with her poor ear still all sewn up. I don't think I posted about that, if your wondering what happened: It happened a couple weeks ago. She was fine when we went to bed around 10 and when we got up at 6 her ear looked like someone had unloaded a can of air in it! Since Nick's truck was broke down at the time (ended up replacing his oil pump), he had to take my car to work. Not about to let our poor baby suffer I called my Mom, who was ready in record time and we drove to Urbana (home of Cornerstone Vet Clinic) managing to be second in line when they opened. It turns out that a blood vessel had burst in her ear overnight (she has chronic ear infections and the doc did not seem surprised for it to have cropped up so suddenly with her history). She had to have surgery on her ear to drain it and they sewed her ear flat with those thick blue pads. We have to keep the hole in the the bottom of her ear peroxided twice a day and (apologies for the yuck factor here) keep the scab off for 2-3 weeks. She was on antibiotics for 10 days and prednasone for a month. They also packed her ears with some meds to keep another ear infection at bay for at least 2 weeks. She goes back this week to hopefully get the stitches and pads removed and we'll be able to let it finish healing up. We were so relieved she was going to be okay :) 

 Our pretty girl did not want us to take her new sweater off!
She even held her paws up to put it on and walks away
anytime we try to remove it! lol

 Close-ups of some fabrics and what happens when you turn your back for a second to grab a sip of coffee...... 
 Purple's instead of orange's

 Grey's instead of neutral's

Sky, this is not your bed! He was actually laying on a couple sets trying to hide them from me :) Does that with the cat toys to. I am so glad I clipped them together. Playing a rousing game of 188 unit pick up does not sound appealing this morning!

Baby Update!

For anyone that follows my blog, you know how excited we are to finally be adding a second munchkin to our family. It's been a long journey since our babies will be 8 years apart. Payton is still excited about being a big brother :) He did tell me yesterday that he's getting a little angry with his sister because she won't kick him whenever he wants her to! Hahaha sorry buddy I think your going to have to get used to that. Rosalyn is still doing good, the application on my phone says she should weigh almost 2 pounds and be around 14 inches long. Tuesday will be the 6 1/2 month mark and Dec. 10th is the dreaded gestational diabetes test, not dreaded because I'm worried about having it, dreaded because I can remember how nasty it was to drink the first time around and that was almost 9 years ago! 
 She seems to stay breach most of the time. So her head (on the left) 
is actually above my belly button like she was sitting up but facing my back!
 Yep, it's a baby all right :) 
If those were hard to figure out maybe this one 
will make it a little easier. I think this one is my
favorite out of all 3 ultrasounds so far. 

All of these pictures were from the last ultrasound at 19 weeks.
As much as I love seeing her lets hope there is no cause to need
any more! 

It's been a trip so far :) Still weigh 15 pounds less than
when I got pregnant. Have been sent to an orthopedic specialist 
due to some hip issues, no x-rays for obvious reasons, but I do
get to go to physical therapy for the forseable future.
No matter what I just want a healthy baby. It is all worth it, every second good or bad. Would gladly do it all over for either of my mini-me's. 

Feeling very blessed and hope to be blogging much more often!