Friday, February 21, 2014

Just a quick update :)

All is going good here. I am 37 weeks pregnant (next doc appointment come thurday at 38 weeks). There is a bet going in our family that I will go early, most seem to think within the week :) We shall see!

Baby shower is tomorrow. Payton is so excited, I can't help but smile. He has counted down the days all week. We asked him what the most exciting thing about the baby shower is, he said "Getting gifts for when the baby gets here!" He also had received an invitation for a birthday party from a boy in his class (it overlapped with the baby shower) and we said it was okay if he wanted to go, we would make sure he had a way there (and an adult present) to be with his friend. Our boy would not hear of it! I admit to being surprised and a big moment of "proud mommy".  He told us he was NOT going to miss the baby shower, it was to important to him! Don't you just love those moments when you child shows just how important being family oriented is to them, makes me think we are doing some things right. *for the record, we would have been fine with him wanting to go to the birthday instead. Nothing wrong with wanting to play with friends :)

I have been quilting some, when energy spikes, but it is slow going. It seems exhaustion is the main symptom with this baby! Well, that and the ridiculous hip/pelvic pain that seems to have no end. Making myself walk and get important things done is about it before I'm ready to fall asleep or find a heating pad! Nick has been wonderful lately, taking over chores and helping out with everything.  If energy ever returns I will post a decent update filled with quilty goodness.

How did I get so lucky? Blessed with an amazing husband, wonderful and compassionate son, and anticipating a precious little girl anytime now.