Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Excuses to shop <|: 3

Okay, it was a ploy! Who needs an excuse to shop, I just need one to buy. Do you like my little party hat mustache guy ?

<|: 3  (If you can't see it, tilt your head)

I tagged along with my mom-in-law to her hair appointment on Saturday. Her son Shawn (my brother-in-law) owns a salon in Indianapolis called Hairspray, so naturally she only goes there for her hair. Indy is an hour and a half away from where we live so it's fun to make a day of it. We went to TGI Friday's after her appointment and stopped at a couple quilt stores nearby (It would have been more but one was out-of-business and another was closed).

I think my favorite was The French Seam, it has quilting and apparel fabric. The prices are fair, actually they were the same as my favorite LQS that's close to home. It was so friendly I didn't want to leave! It was like meeting an instant friend and chatting like you'd know each other forever :) So naturally I'm going back with Sue when she has her next hair appointment, actually I made one for myself to! Guess that means it's time to start saving up.

 Here's what wanted to come home with me :)

Posy wasn't quite out yet, just the 2.5 squares. If they have more when we go back more of this wants to come home!

There was another shop we went to but while there were tons of fabrics and one polite lady. The prices were noticably higher and two other ladies really trying to rush us out the door. It was nearing closing time and I truly believe that everyone should decide what stores the like and dislike on their own and a person should not be punished for an off day. That being said I think you'll understand why I'm not posting the name of that store, just that I'm not going back.

On to my latest project right now. A 66 singer treadle in a cabinet that I'm itching to get running! It is in pretty good condition, I think, and was only missing one part (aside from belt and bobbin) that I had to replace and it was only $8 for the bobbin plate cover! I need to test the bobbin winder to see if it works but it looks like the parts are there and may only need a bit of cleaning if that. Hopefully, she'll be up and running for quilt cam tonight at 9.
Serial number is G980964, so the birthday is Jan 16, 1911.

The only trouble seems to be getting the feed dogs to do their job! Trying to make sure all gunk is cleaned out then maybe some research to see if there's something I missed. Wish me luck.

For ease of research and following utube videos here's my set-up! Hubby is still laughing :p

Monday, January 21, 2013

Two finishes!

I just love quilting on Sunday with Sally and Sue! Strict orders were given to me, I was to bring a quilt I have been putting off binding...... fine..... drags feet..... brings two.

 Taylor's is finished and ready to be mailed.
Here's the best pic I could get of the back.
 Dan's quilt got its binding and he should be here
sometime this week. I think I need to let it lay flat to
get a better picture, it looks wavy hung by two pins
on my design wall!

Isn't it nice when you get a nice push to finish something, well after it's done anyway :)

I finished both bindings and got some cutting done for another quilt. Today is for finishing cutting the F8ths for the boomerang 9.0 swap and deciding if one large (or two small, whatever they need to fill spaces) is enough or if I could make a go of a bit more. I really love the boomerang swaps :)

If you haven't done one before, it is open to international swappers. You send a Fat 8th (18 x 11 or 9 x 22) piece of fabric to each of the swappers in your group. Your fabric can be all the same, all different, or any mix you choose. You can include a note for colors you'd like them to use or avoid in the block they make you that will include your fabric. In return, you will receive a Fat 8th from each of the swappers and make them a block using their fabric plus some of yours (make sure to read notes for color choices). All blocks will be 12.5 x 12.5 unfinished. When they finish your block, it will be mailed back to you and vice versa when you finish theirs. You end up with such an amazing variety of blocks!

Here are the 3 fabrics I have cut and ready so far. They will be
for quilts for two of my nieces. I need to pick some more fabric
to add up to the number I need.... Maybe I should add another group...
It would help keep me motivated about finishing some of the
quilts I really want done.
  These were some of the blocks I received from the
last boomerang swap I was in. I'm thinking of sashing
them in red and using a grey and black print border.
 My all time favorite block :) I can't put it in a quilt.
I might make it into a pillow and keep it on display
in my sewing room!
 I whipped this up today. It's now a rug in our living room.
I know why make a quilt for a rug. My Mom-in-law, Sue, gave
me a treadle in a cabinet. I don't want the metal base
to knick the floor while I treadle. More on that in another post.
Payton was trying not to close his eyes when the
camera flashed!
He says Hi to all my bloggy friends :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Here's the quilting so far :)

I finally began quilting on Tay's doll quilt. Taylor had her first radiation treatment today. I still don't have words to truly describe how affected our entire family is for her, her sister, her parents, her grandparents. Aunts, uncles, cousins etc. we are all praying for her and our hearts break. How do we articulate such sadness? I can't, I don't have the words.

We love you Taylor and are praying God grants a miracle for you.

Sydney and Taylor
I did mention working on the quilting of the doll quilt. I'll try to stop with the sad now and get to the quilty :)
I have the stars on the left outlined as well as
an echo around the flowers and Dresden. I started on
the fill design. I'm just not sure about it. I can't make
it work on a smaller scale, my fingers just don't
seen to co-operate!

Here's a close up of that filler. Still pretty new to
FMQ, hoping to keep up with practice and improve
those skills a bit this year. There's also a mid-arm
that I need to practice to so maybe 2013 will
be the year of quilting practice?
After the filler is finished I plan to change the thread color and add some detailing to the Dresden and flowers. I really want to get this one finished so it can get in the mail to its new home.
Is it just me or does anyone else ever get into a project that just has to be finished before you can work on something else?
I did join the Boomerang block swap 9.0 on the Quilting board. I wonder which group I'll get? Can't wait to send out my F8ths and get some in to start on the blocks :) I better get cracking on this so there's no guilt in starting that! 


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Special project for a special girl. :)

I had to put the Easy Street Mystery on hold while I get to work on a new project.

My Aunt Brenda called me and was telling me about a project her and Uncle Phillip are working on. Uncle Phillip is making a doll cradle, Aunt Brenda is making the mattress and pillow. I was asked to make a doll quilt to go with it :) Why yes, I would love to! I really appreciate the fact that my family thought of me for that part of the project. I guess it makes me feel loved and that others think I have a bit of talent.

This project if for my cousin Taylor, I want to make something for her little sister Sydney to. They are having a rough time right now. When Taylor was little she had Lukemia and though it was a long and painful journey, she beat it. She turned 11 less than a month ago and found out the cancer has come back in the form of brain cancer. While chemo is not an option, they are going to do radiation.

This breaks my heart. I can't even begin to imagine what her immediate family is going through. How would you even begin to explain it to her sister who is right around Payton's age?

I'm sure you understand why this became the number one priority in my sewing room.

Everything else can wait, this is more important. She is more important.

The dimensions for the quilt are at least 13 x 22. I'm aiming for 15 x 24.
It's not finished. I need to get a yellow thread to match the flower on the right. 
I need to make a center for the dresden plate. It needs a 3in diameter. I don't have a
compass to make it so trying to figure that out! Aside from the centers, dresden, and yellow/pink flower
everything is blanket stitched down and ready for batting and backing. If you have any ideas on the quilting please, please, please comment them I always have trouble figuring out that part. 

I hope you all are having a great new year. I have a goal this year, I don't often do that. I want to keep things updated on here much better than I began last year! That means staying busier in my sewing room :) no hardship there!


Thursday, January 3, 2013

Easy Street progress!

I'm loving the Easy Street Mystery, hosted by Bonnie Hunter. Here's a link to Easy Street Main Page for anyone wanting to check it out.

I only had step one done as of Saturday.... I know so far behind it wasn't even funny, okay it was kind of funny. I mean my hubby laughed his butt off at me running around trying to get caught up when I found out the last two clues were to be released on Monday and Tuesday! I love his sense of humor :) It was quite comical. It paid off though! I am all caught up and assembling blocks. There could have been more finished blocks but I like to finish cutting and kit up the blocks individually so it can be grabbed one at a time.

 Here's how I'm working. I have one of each block up on the design wall and a piece of paper with
the number needed of that block. In the box are all of the kitted up blocks clipped or pinned together for  easy grabbing with one laid out and ready to sew.
I really love my tall lamp, the extra light is great but honestly I like that I can hook my extension cord and ironing cord on it for easy plugging and unplugging! Lazy I know but I Love not having to look for the darn things :)
 Payton really wanted his picture taken :)
I just love that boy. The block behind him isn't sewn
together, but the one on the left is. Extra blocks are
kept in that white box beside him is where the extras
are kept for accent pillows or the like.
 My best friend Elizabeth (whom I usually refer to as E)
loved the beanie we got her from Dragonfly Dreams :)
I'm not affiliated, just a happy customer.
Here's Payton amid some of his gifts. You can see my mom (in pink) and my mom-in-law behind him.
Hope you all had a great Christmas and New Years, or any other holiday you celebrate! We had a great time celebrating with family and friends. May 2013 bring you happiness in all that you do :)