Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Here's the quilting so far :)

I finally began quilting on Tay's doll quilt. Taylor had her first radiation treatment today. I still don't have words to truly describe how affected our entire family is for her, her sister, her parents, her grandparents. Aunts, uncles, cousins etc. we are all praying for her and our hearts break. How do we articulate such sadness? I can't, I don't have the words.

We love you Taylor and are praying God grants a miracle for you.

Sydney and Taylor
I did mention working on the quilting of the doll quilt. I'll try to stop with the sad now and get to the quilty :)
I have the stars on the left outlined as well as
an echo around the flowers and Dresden. I started on
the fill design. I'm just not sure about it. I can't make
it work on a smaller scale, my fingers just don't
seen to co-operate!

Here's a close up of that filler. Still pretty new to
FMQ, hoping to keep up with practice and improve
those skills a bit this year. There's also a mid-arm
that I need to practice to so maybe 2013 will
be the year of quilting practice?
After the filler is finished I plan to change the thread color and add some detailing to the Dresden and flowers. I really want to get this one finished so it can get in the mail to its new home.
Is it just me or does anyone else ever get into a project that just has to be finished before you can work on something else?
I did join the Boomerang block swap 9.0 on the Quilting board. I wonder which group I'll get? Can't wait to send out my F8ths and get some in to start on the blocks :) I better get cracking on this so there's no guilt in starting that!