Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Special project for a special girl. :)

I had to put the Easy Street Mystery on hold while I get to work on a new project.

My Aunt Brenda called me and was telling me about a project her and Uncle Phillip are working on. Uncle Phillip is making a doll cradle, Aunt Brenda is making the mattress and pillow. I was asked to make a doll quilt to go with it :) Why yes, I would love to! I really appreciate the fact that my family thought of me for that part of the project. I guess it makes me feel loved and that others think I have a bit of talent.

This project if for my cousin Taylor, I want to make something for her little sister Sydney to. They are having a rough time right now. When Taylor was little she had Lukemia and though it was a long and painful journey, she beat it. She turned 11 less than a month ago and found out the cancer has come back in the form of brain cancer. While chemo is not an option, they are going to do radiation.

This breaks my heart. I can't even begin to imagine what her immediate family is going through. How would you even begin to explain it to her sister who is right around Payton's age?

I'm sure you understand why this became the number one priority in my sewing room.

Everything else can wait, this is more important. She is more important.

The dimensions for the quilt are at least 13 x 22. I'm aiming for 15 x 24.
It's not finished. I need to get a yellow thread to match the flower on the right. 
I need to make a center for the dresden plate. It needs a 3in diameter. I don't have a
compass to make it so trying to figure that out! Aside from the centers, dresden, and yellow/pink flower
everything is blanket stitched down and ready for batting and backing. If you have any ideas on the quilting please, please, please comment them I always have trouble figuring out that part. 

I hope you all are having a great new year. I have a goal this year, I don't often do that. I want to keep things updated on here much better than I began last year! That means staying busier in my sewing room :) no hardship there!


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