Thursday, January 3, 2013

Easy Street progress!

I'm loving the Easy Street Mystery, hosted by Bonnie Hunter. Here's a link to Easy Street Main Page for anyone wanting to check it out.

I only had step one done as of Saturday.... I know so far behind it wasn't even funny, okay it was kind of funny. I mean my hubby laughed his butt off at me running around trying to get caught up when I found out the last two clues were to be released on Monday and Tuesday! I love his sense of humor :) It was quite comical. It paid off though! I am all caught up and assembling blocks. There could have been more finished blocks but I like to finish cutting and kit up the blocks individually so it can be grabbed one at a time.

 Here's how I'm working. I have one of each block up on the design wall and a piece of paper with
the number needed of that block. In the box are all of the kitted up blocks clipped or pinned together for  easy grabbing with one laid out and ready to sew.
I really love my tall lamp, the extra light is great but honestly I like that I can hook my extension cord and ironing cord on it for easy plugging and unplugging! Lazy I know but I Love not having to look for the darn things :)
 Payton really wanted his picture taken :)
I just love that boy. The block behind him isn't sewn
together, but the one on the left is. Extra blocks are
kept in that white box beside him is where the extras
are kept for accent pillows or the like.
 My best friend Elizabeth (whom I usually refer to as E)
loved the beanie we got her from Dragonfly Dreams :)
I'm not affiliated, just a happy customer.
Here's Payton amid some of his gifts. You can see my mom (in pink) and my mom-in-law behind him.
Hope you all had a great Christmas and New Years, or any other holiday you celebrate! We had a great time celebrating with family and friends. May 2013 bring you happiness in all that you do :) 

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