Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Excuses to shop <|: 3

Okay, it was a ploy! Who needs an excuse to shop, I just need one to buy. Do you like my little party hat mustache guy ?

<|: 3  (If you can't see it, tilt your head)

I tagged along with my mom-in-law to her hair appointment on Saturday. Her son Shawn (my brother-in-law) owns a salon in Indianapolis called Hairspray, so naturally she only goes there for her hair. Indy is an hour and a half away from where we live so it's fun to make a day of it. We went to TGI Friday's after her appointment and stopped at a couple quilt stores nearby (It would have been more but one was out-of-business and another was closed).

I think my favorite was The French Seam, it has quilting and apparel fabric. The prices are fair, actually they were the same as my favorite LQS that's close to home. It was so friendly I didn't want to leave! It was like meeting an instant friend and chatting like you'd know each other forever :) So naturally I'm going back with Sue when she has her next hair appointment, actually I made one for myself to! Guess that means it's time to start saving up.

 Here's what wanted to come home with me :)

Posy wasn't quite out yet, just the 2.5 squares. If they have more when we go back more of this wants to come home!

There was another shop we went to but while there were tons of fabrics and one polite lady. The prices were noticably higher and two other ladies really trying to rush us out the door. It was nearing closing time and I truly believe that everyone should decide what stores the like and dislike on their own and a person should not be punished for an off day. That being said I think you'll understand why I'm not posting the name of that store, just that I'm not going back.

On to my latest project right now. A 66 singer treadle in a cabinet that I'm itching to get running! It is in pretty good condition, I think, and was only missing one part (aside from belt and bobbin) that I had to replace and it was only $8 for the bobbin plate cover! I need to test the bobbin winder to see if it works but it looks like the parts are there and may only need a bit of cleaning if that. Hopefully, she'll be up and running for quilt cam tonight at 9.
Serial number is G980964, so the birthday is Jan 16, 1911.

The only trouble seems to be getting the feed dogs to do their job! Trying to make sure all gunk is cleaned out then maybe some research to see if there's something I missed. Wish me luck.

For ease of research and following utube videos here's my set-up! Hubby is still laughing :p

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