Monday, March 3, 2014

Apparently, baby watch has begun....

I think some people are even more excited for the arrival of this baby than I am (which is saying something).

Nick is almost convinces his daughter is deliberately hanging out in my stomach just to torture him, also I am not allowed to be separated from him until she gets here. That is just fine by me since I actually enjoy my husbands company, shhh don't tell him ;)

Payton asks everyday before school if his sister will be here soon, I have no idea son, but we will come get you if she decides to make an appearance!

My mom calls several times each day asking "any twinges yet?" Up until 3 days ago I could simply say not yet.......

Let us not forget the multitude of people that say "Haven't you had that baby yet? You look awful, are you sure your not in labor? I bet you'll have her (insert day time etc here)? You're huge! When is that baby due? Someone's about to pop!" and many others :) It's well meaning and I don't mind (generally)but it does get a little insulting...... I mean old to constantly hear how bad/big/ tired/or generally crappy I apparently look.

As of 3 days ago braxton hicks contractions decided that random and far between was not entertaining enough. They are now a steady form of slow torture designed to interrupt sleep and keep the pregnant lady in this house cranky and hurting! I have to say after 3 days and nights of them every 7-8 min generally (sometimes more, sometimes less) even I am saying come on kiddo due date or not, enough is enough!

I'm hoping something is progressing, just so it will seem like the fake contractions are worth it. We'll find out tomorrow morning at the next doctors appointment.

No matter what, just find the humor. If this sounds complainy, it's not meant to I'm actually chuckling as I write it out. This baby can not stay where she is forever, and she's not due until March 12th. There is time, she just needs to cook until she's done, simple as that!

As for the "common" comments, I generally reply with random things like "well I have been pregnant for 2 years now" or "Yes, I am in labor, my water just broke.... oh wait she just kicked me, nevermind" even "Just how awful do I look? Are we talking one foot in the grave or I just like to make pregnant people feel bad?" Okay that last one wasn't funny but in my defense it's only pulled out for really rude people ;)

Braxton hicks are getting old fast, can't find much humor in that one..... Although, it seems weird to look forward to labor just so they will stop! I think we found a silver lining :)

So when is your guess for the arrival of Rosalyn? I'm hoping for Thursday, March 6th 2014. Mostly because then my dad will be able to see her before she's a week old (which was the case with payton. My dad's a truck driver just to clarify.) Also, so Nick will have some time home with us before he's called back to work, it's looking like either March 10th or April 1st depending on Miss Rosalyn's arrival :)