Sunday, November 24, 2013

Celtic Solstice Mystery!

Is it really time for Bonnie to host another mystery?!?! I'm so excited.

Everything I've been working on is not blog worthy since it's been customer quilts. It sounds odd to say that since I am not in business or anything, it just kind of happened that several people wanted t-shirt quilts for Christmas and a local LQS found out that I can do them and started giving out my number after I signed up for their newsletter. It was kind of odd but as we aren't really private people having our number given out didn't upset me or hubby.

I have to say that I will Never EVER again attempt a quilt restoration! My cousin needed a fabric in a quilt his Great Aunt had made replaced. That was the most challenging project that has crossed my path and honestly not one I plan to repeat ever again.

Payton loved the Christmas Parade and insisted we wait in line to see Santa. "No mom it can't wait, we have to see him today. It's tradition!".......... Fine, that kid is so lucky I love him lol We had to wait an hour and a half but on Santa's lap spilling his Christmas wishes my little man ended up :)

Our little Rosalyn is still growing and doing her thing. We just passed the 6 months pregnant mark and all is well. I wonder if anyone else had a lot of pelvic/hip pain with a second pregnancy though? I did go to my baby doctor and she sent me to an orthopedic specialist who wait that since they can't do x-rays on pregnant ladies I get to go to physical therapy and we'll just hope that helps : / Why yes, I'd love to go spend money on something that may or may not be necessary lol. Naturally, I'm going just in case it helps (so far no but it's only been a week of twice daily exercises, so giving it time.) 

I have gotten fabrics ready for the first clue going live on Friday! Last year I followed the color scheme to the letter, this year..... not so much.

I need to get a better picture, but I wanted to get this posted tonight and not go in search of my camera and charger to accomplish that :) 

Here's to hoping I get these customer quilts finished soon so I can work on things that can be shared and photographed!