Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Chaos Rules the Week!

I haven't had a chance to upload my pictures for the Monday link up for Celtic Solstice yet! It has been an amazingly busy weekend/week already :)

Having some technical difficulties with quilting a t-shirt quilt, Santa shop at kiddo's school (I volunteer a couple days), lab/doctor/chiropractor appointment, Quilt guild Christmas program (pitch-in so cooking was required, I made buck-eyes), and to top it off hubby's truck is deciding to act up again! Oh I almost forgot, Christmas lunch with our church quilt guild this afternoon. I think I really just want to clean my house and sew!

I'm not complaining or whining here just Whew it seems like two weeks should have passed! Hahaha, thank goodness for family and a sense of humor :) I'm hoping tonight will be relatively chaos free and I can get a post for it up and going! Wish me luck and remember if you have a week of chaos, find the humor it's much more entertaining than stress!

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