Sunday, December 15, 2013

Time and Miley!

My goodness, I hope that things calm down a bit before Christmas! Everything is going pretty good around here. We've had a couple snags that, thankfully, have been worked out.

Did I post when Miley got the stitches out of her ear almost 2 weeks ago? I can't remember.

Well, our girl had her stitches out all of a week and a half, her ear healed up beautifully. Then BAM, it started to fill up again... we rushed her back to the vet hoping it would help for it to only be about 1/3 the size it was when we took her the first time.

Actually, that did help! She did not have to have surgery this time since her ear was not as bad :) She is back on antibiotics again and another month of prednesone and he re-packed her ears with this awesome stuff that keeps her from getting another infection for at least 2 weeks, if for some reason it doesn't go down or gets worse then she will have to have surgery again. It's been a couple days and her ear is looking less tight so we'll just give her meds time to do their job.  ( She has had chronic ear infections all of her life, these two hematoma's are a result of that and had never shown up before.)

All is good with regard to Payton and Rosalyn :)

I missed the last monday link-up for Celtic Solstice, that's okay though I'm hoping to link up this week so long as I get something sewn tonight!!!

Let's just not mention the T-shirt quilt... Okay, but let's just make a long story short and say the backing was the problem and I get to unpick the 1/3rd of the way that I did manage to get quilted (3-4 inches at a time) by Wednesday. Live and learn, what can I say this lesson will def. stick and happens to be the reason for getting behind on the mystery!

Glitches and all it has still been a really good week and weekend. Loving time with my family and looking forward to even more of it since hubby should be laid off after this coming week for a couple months. 

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