Sunday, September 16, 2012

Catching up on projects!

I'm so excited! Nick (my husband)'s quilt is an official quilt top. That center flower wasn't as bad as I built it up to be. Don't mind the mess, between hubby and son it does no good to pick up until they go to bed!

Actually I made progress on two things this week. I also follow Bonnie Hunter's blog Quiltville and there was a challenge posted a bit back about handwork an hour a day! I haven't linked up yet but I have been keeping track and getting more than I anticipated done on the Hexi Quilt! It now has 3 rows completely attached with only 2 more left, well that and borders. :) Sadly the camera battery charger is MIA so I don't have a pic. I do have a serious annoyance of the darn cats that like to bat it around if they notice it on my computer desk : /  I'll search tomorrow, this afternoon is reserved for quilting at Sally's with Sue :)
Suzie went with me yesterday to Heaven on Earth, which is about 30 min away, and I picked up heat resistant templar template material. I was so excited about finally getting it that I got all 8 blocks from a follow along cut out yesterday! Now to grab a nail file an check for bumps, get my fabrics, starch, paintbrush, and June Tayor cutting mat and ironing board combo, and templates ready to go.


  1. I understand the picking up part. By the end of the day I am so tired that often things don't get picked up! Of course, we are starting to make our little one pick up his toys before getting ready for bed and that is starting to help, a little...

    Beautiful Quilt top! :)

  2. I am using your quilt for inspiration on a wall hanging I am working on. The pieced background is a crazy quilt variation, and I am working on the appliqued design. It will be different than yours, but would not have happened without you.

  3. Red, white and black are one of my favorite colour combinations! I think your quilt is absolutely lovely! And I too understand about the picking up bit ;) I have 3 girls and a hubby so once my kitchen is clean in less than an hour it looks like I haven't done anything in a week :D

  4. Thanks everyone :) Joni, I'm so glad that you got inspiration from something I made. That is beyond amazing to me. Honestly, the pattern is called Madonna and I bought it for $10 so it's not an origional. The idea of creating all those swirls on my own was to intimidating! I think it will be the first and last pattern I will every buy :) Don't get me wrong, I love it but I also want to learn to push past those fears and just create something origional.