Saturday, September 8, 2012

Classic Dry Iron ~ no steam holes!

If you would like to check it out, you can find it here.  It comes from Home Depot. Yup, you read that correct I bought the best iron ever from a hardware store for a fraction of the price that they cost in some nameless chain quilting/ hobby store...... cough cough Joanns cough....... Only downside was that the closest one to us, about 20 min away, did not sell them in the store so it had to be ordered online. Only took about a week to get here though. That was one very looooong week. ;)



  1. Ooh...I've been looking for a new iron. I have one of those expensive steam generator irons, but it spits like crazy! And it smells weird. Haha. I am going to check this one out - hope they have it in my nearby store!! Thanks for the info!!

  2. Oh and yes the prove your a robot thing is turned off. Thanks - I really hate that cause most of the time, I can't figure out what the letters are!!

  3. Thanks for sharing that. I will now go hunting. It would help to know the brand.

    1. The brand is Continental Elcectric. I put a link in to take you straight to it, no hunting necessary ;) Just click the word "here" at the end of the first sentence.