Monday, September 3, 2012

All I want for chistmas is my two front teeth.....

Two posts in one day! We're on a roll here!! lol Well I went over to Sally's with Sue *MIL* to get some sewing done and after about an hour and a half I got a phone call from my overly calm husband. Overly calm is never a good tone..... Him and Payton were horsing around. Nick was holding a stuffed squirrel handpuppet thing and payton bit it *playing not a "chomp" more like a "got it" you get what I'm saying right lol* and when they both pulled apart both his front teeth came out at once. Freaked them both out! Nick's going "Holy Crap I broke my son!!!" Payton's going "Oww oww oww I see blood so it must hurt" so they call me to fix it :) Gotta love my guys.

Payton is fine. Both teeth were really loose to begin with so them coming out was not a surprise. At the same time, that was a bit of a surprise! He said it hurt a little when they came out but it didn't last long.

I think the blood is what got em both going. Squeamish guys in this house ;)

He cheesed it really good for the pic lol I was interupting his toon time!


Now whenever Elizabeth, Nick and I see him we have to resist the urge to break in Chipmunk style
"All I want for christmas is my two front teeth"


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  1. LOVE this!! He looks adorable!! And I'm anxious to hear how you like your new iron once it arrives. :o)