Monday, September 3, 2012

Iron Issues

Well it looks like the starch experiment will be waiting on a delivery Wednesday unless my MIL will let us try it at her house later.

My iron decided that it was time to retire without notice..... I went to plug it in and nothing. No heat. No red light to let me know it's working. Just nothing! So naturally I double check the extension cord to make sure it's plugged in and plug in the light to make sure it's not a short in that. All was plugged in and worked fine. Just the iron that refuses to work. It lasted a few years and honestly I can't complain because my mom gave it to me because it came with her toaster and coffee maker as a color coordinated set. It was a cheap iron but it worked great for longer than I thought it would :)

sorry it's a bit blurry. I cropped it from an old pic!

What's a girl to do?       Well naturally I've been eyeballing this amazing iron that is only sold at Home Depot. What makes this 30 dollar iron so amazing you ask? Well it doesn't have the steam feature standard on every other iron everywhere! I love that! I love the nice smooth soleplate that doesn't have those little grooves for steam that catch my corners every time. I have no problem keeping a spray bottle near if some steam is needed. It's actually better that way, at least for me.

As you have probably already guessed. Our Home Depot doesn't sell the iron's "in store"..... boo.....

So I had to purchase it online and delivery is scheduled for Wednesday.. I guess everything is on hold until then.

Thank goodness I still have the hexie quilt to work on :) I could have beeen completely lost all week!


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