Thursday, September 6, 2012

Starch Experiment

I made the starch according to the recipe that I posted here.

I don't have any heat resistant templar template material so I made my own version that works ok but can get soggy.

Mini Tutorial for tough template

Materials needed:

Ironing board
Freezer Paper
Chosen template pattern

Step one: copy pattern onto freezer paper

Step two: cut 3 additional pieces of freezer paper to that size

Step three: iron one of the additional pieces to your board

Step four: iron next additional piece directly on top of the one you stuck to your board

Step five: repeat step 4 with additional piece and pattern piece making sure the pattern is on top so you can see your design.

Step six: cut out pattern that will be almost as stiff as cardboard but thinner!

(Note: you cannot reuse freezer paper if you choose to peal it apart and if you apply to much starch it can get a bit soggy.)

Now on to what your reading for!

 Got all my supplies ready!
 Here is the applique piece before home made
starch and ironing
 Here goes nothing! Starch got applied
along the edge before the iron hit it.
 Here is the after! You might notice I cut
off the butt, it was just to fussy to mess with
and I want a brown center anyway :)
 Even after seperating it stayed together great.
 I also did a stiffness test.
Starch is on one half but not the other.
Can you see the difference?
 Unstarched side gently held up.
Same on starched side.
I like it! Next time I might add a tablespoon and a half or two just to see the difference. It doesn't seem necessary though since it worked really well and did exactly what I wanted!
Can't beat the price either! Eighty-nine cents for corn starch the rest is free :) There are a great many more batches left to be made out of that box!
I hope you try it at home and let me know if you like it as much as I do.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience with this. I will be doing some experimenting too.