Friday, September 7, 2012

New Iron and New Projects!

I can't say enough how much I love this iron!!! Holy bananas it's amazing the difference it makes.

The most amazing thing is being able to do in one swipe what used to take 3 or 4. Oh and before I forget. I thought I disabled the prove your a robot thing long ago but could you let me know if it is really off when you post a comment. That way if it is not I can figure out how to fix it! I might have asked this before but honestly I can't remember.

New Project

Actually I started two.

First one is a lap quilt for my DH's best friend Dan. Dan's beloved Drew had to be put down :( Drew is a full blooded Pit Bull. I know some people are scared of them but this one had a great Dad that took care of her and taught her how to behave well. She had a weird quirk that would terrify anyone that didn't know her though! When you would pet Drew, she would growl viciously and bare her teeth and just look mean as dirt and twice as scary..... when you would stop petting her she would cry! I'm talking pitiful heart wrenching cries that made you wonder if she was hurt! By no means was she a mean dog.... unless you pointed a gun at her. Real or fake it didn't matter she would attack the gun and take it away from you! She really hated guns.

It's still very new so I just have the pictures printed on the fabric and no color choices layed out yet.

 I don't know if you can see the
hand on her head petting her :p
 Her full name is Drew Barrymore Martin
 She was such a sweet dog.
Hope this quilt helps Dan and his girl Sara
feel like they still have a piece of her
close by. They had her cremated so
she will literally be close by....

I'm thinking green and brown but my DH thinks green and yellow since they are Greenbay Packers fans... I would rather do Colts colors if it comes to that since we all agree on them! What colors do you think would look good? 
New Project Two
 I just love this layer cake from
Connecting Threads called Canning Day
It's not for sale anymore though, sorry.
I have been hoarding it for over a year!

It is destined to become an X and O's quilt.
I got the tute from the Missouri Star Quilt Co.
You can find that here.
I don't have a person that this is being made for. It is a very odd feeling. Every quilt I make has a destination. That destiny might be our couch or a family member or friend but every quilt has had a home that it belongs to. It's a bit odd to make the quilt before you find its home. Do you ever feel like that? It could just be me ;) 


  1. Lovely idea to make a quilt for your friend :) I think the green and brown colour scheme sounds nice!

    1. Thanks :) I thought so to lol not just to convince DH who is excited to help with this design and color of this one for his bff!

  2. I am all excited about your iron. That is the kind I am looking for. No steam holes on the sole plate. I never use steam on my piecing anyway. The holes can catch those seam intersections and flip them the way I don't want them. What is the brand? Did you get it from a national store? I would love to hunt that one down.

    1. I got it at Home Depot! I'll post a link for you so you can check it out :) The brand is Continental Electric, I've never heard of it before but it comes with an 18 mth warranty ;)