Saturday, October 13, 2012

How is your weekend?

I hope it's going great! Doing well here :)  We have gotten quite a bit more packing done here with lots left to go! Only about 2 more weeks until we can start moving! The charger for the camera is still elusive..... pesky thing, the theory has now moved to it got batted under the couch maybe (one has a pull out bed and is to heavy to move the other got pushed back to far and is kind of wedged under the window a bit tight) I still think a the cats ate it lol.

I went and got a TDaP shot (tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis) as I scraped my arm on a rusty nail helping move the old kitchen cabinets out of the old house so they could be given to Elizabeth (they are in better shape than hers and actually really nice still). Every room in the new house is getting some type of remodel! Once again, we are going to have the best landlord ever!!! Actually we've never had a bad one just to be clear, we just really love Jerry :)

I had to go get a new phone yesterday, my old one finally got on my nerves enough to complain about it (in the form of high pitched squealing that lasted for 30 min)...... Really liking the new one, once again I have android and can play games and listen to music...... ah sweet music I missed you.

Payton is camping with his Paw-Paw Mike and Grandma Jodie this weekend, it's trick-or-treating at the campground. Nick and I are going to head out there when he gets off work at 2:30.

We got some other exciting news, but I can't share it yet. Hopefully, we'll find out more about it on Tuesday and I can share on Wednesday... Please cross your fingers for us and send up a few words to the big guy upstairs, if that's your believe, no pushing here ;)  Have a great weekend and hope to talk to you soon!

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  1. I'm thinking good thoughts for you. Fingers crossed.