Monday, June 3, 2013

Received blocks from Boomerang swap 9.0 :)

Over the last four months lots of grown-up blocks have made their way home! Ten are still MIA right now but the mailing date just passed so there's still time for them to travel.
From abbysMom

From alikat110

From Cuppy

From Country1
From Elisabrat
From Gaijin

From Dahna42 

From Jaba

From LS Dugas

From NanaKathy55

From OK Darla

From Travelinggrandma


From jaydee3

From joanlizbay

From lestrong601

From marcialee

From missgigglewings
for some reason the photo distorted, the block is perfectly square

From moonrise

From moonwork42029

From oldcatlady

From roseirish48

From themamahauser

From twinriversfarm

From urgodschild2

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