Saturday, March 2, 2013

How do you get out of a Quilting Rut?

I was wondering how everyone else gets back in the swing of things after not quilting for awhile.

How do you do it?

I found that buying some fabric is a good jump start for me or making something small. Asfar as feeling better inside to get busy outside, a trip to the salon works wonders. Nothing fancy, just got it straightened ( could do that at home but where is the fun in that!) and put up halfway then got to hang-out with lots of good company at Jodie's PartyLite party. Family, friends, candles and salon time.... yep I'm feeling spoiled and in a much better state of mind.

Good Fortune by Kate Spain that came out in January 2012 consistently keeps catching my eye. With all the trouble getting back to quilting lately my hubby gave me the go ahead to order the Fat Quarter Bundle.
 Usually I don't ask about buying things since I handle the bills and a couple yards here or there just comes out of my weekly spending allotment. (Hubby has a weekly spending allotment to, we're working on a budget here!)
So when it comes to things over and above what we have in our individual pockets we talk to each other about it.

 Oh look at at that condensed stack of quilting yumminess!!!!!
There are very few collections that catch my attention in their entirety.
I LOVE every fabric in this one and it still took over a year to talk myself into it!

What quilt would showcase this collection the best? It's going to live on the back of our couch I think. There isn't a quilt there yet, 99% of them find their homes outside ours. Maybe I'll follow the Craftsy block of the month for last year or this one, just not sure yet. At least I can enjoy them until the right idea presents itself.

The boomerang blocks started calling my name so I got to work and finished another one with the next up waiting to be cut out. Once things are jump started again you'll see more posting of the quilt persuasion on here, I promise :)



  1. Ohhh, I envy you that new stack o'fabric! I agree that a block of the month project is a great idea. I have never done one yet, but it sure sounds like fun!

    1. Have you ever tried Craftsy? I really like the free block of the month on there, even though I've only watched a couple months and not followed along yet.
      This is the first stack I've ever got, usually it's smaller (ie: cheaper) bits at a time!

    2. I have never done a block of the month or anything like that yet... I am (and always have been) a bit of a free-spirit and seem to be going my own way.... in life and in quilting. But I have added some patterns to Craftsy. I can totally relate to the 'bits at a time'... It sure does look good in a stack though, eh?!!!