Saturday, March 16, 2013

Quilty Goodness With Pictures!

I do believe I promised a quilt related post :) I was hoping it would help get me motivated, it did. It motivated me to shop. Hahaha. I am working on a foundation pieced block for the boomerang swap and here's a little know fact for you:

I might very well be the slowest foundation piecer in the history of foundation piecing, but it will look nice!

I need to update the boomerang tap with the blocks I've received so far and the few I've gotten finished, then I need to get in gear. (Update: I accidentally drafted this and forgot to post so.... here are the blocks I have so far and the boomerang tab at the top should be updated by now)

Three paragraphs were just began with "I".... work on diversifying the wording is now added to the list.
That bundle of Good Fortune by Kate Spain that was received awhile ago finally got a coordinating background fabric for the BOM I want to follow with it.

 Payton was really excited about a quilt show in Bloomington Indiana. It was the Indiana Heritage Quilt Show. Since my car was still in the shop we were not planning to attend but Jodie surprised us and took us along with Sue. It was a blast, except that after the 3 hour drive kiddo was so wired he couldn't be still! I didn't take any pictures since it was a surprise trip and my camera was dead lol but if you go to Bonnie Hunter's website she posted quite a few of the quilts that were hanging.

  Inspired to Shop!
This is what Payton picked out from one of the vendors at the show. (It was Nancy, from Nancy J's. I know, I know you drive 3 hours to a quilt show and still mainly get fabric from your own LQS!)

I've been adding fabric little by little lately and all the ones shown below I just haven't posted yet.
 I keep thinking little girl quilt whe I see these!
 These lovelies were all from Nancy J's in Feb. after she did inventory and set out the "new" clearance items! Gotta loves gorgeous blenders at half price :) It was perfect timing since I had just signed up for the Boomerang swap.

This is a close-up of the off white from above ( top left)
 I'm using this one in the paper piecing block from the top of the page, that's why
it's not lined up with the other blenders that I got half price.
New Project ~ Learning to repair a quilt.
My cousin Nathan called me and asked if I could repair a quilt that his great-aunt (? I think it was) had made and it came apart in the wash. I told him I couldn't promise anything but if he brought it over I could look and see if I though it was something close to my skill level.
When he got here and I laid out the quilt it was obvious that it hadn't really come apart in the wash. One of the fabrics was shredding but only one and everything else looked fine! Bonus, it is a tied quilt and will be easy to take apart! I think I can do this! Granted it's going to be alot of ripping and I already warned that I can't guarantee it will be just like before, but it's an easy pattern and only specific rows are affected.
Here is a close-up of the shredding fabric.
I put the replacement fabric that he picked out next to it.
It's not really a close match but it was the closest that my stash had to offer and
he seemed disturbed at the idea of going to a quilt store lol
close-up of replacement fabric
It really is a lovely and uber-comfy quilt, I remember sleeping under it
when I would stay the night when we were kids :)

 On a side note, I did find a cute pattern that is for use on charm packs!

 Don't mind the stuff in the background, the flash was
doing odd things to the plastic and it was to dark to not use flash
so I akwardly held it under the light behind the mid-arm.
I do realize that fabric will only suffice as filler for so long and a quilting blog tends to need some actual progress ;) I'm working on it but it's been slow going lately.
Hestitantly, I call it a rut.
Also, it can be referred to as the great quilt depression or household interference.
Feel free to comment your own fun titles for a quilty lull, I'd love to read 'em!


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