Friday, May 11, 2012

2 Quilt Tops Finished and Ready to Mail Home!!!!!

I believe a few posts ago I promised to post pictures of the two cross quilts I pieced for Charisma in trade for her Quilting on the Black and White quilt for my Aunt Gracie. Just finished the boarder on the last one this afternoon :)

 They are both the same pattern in different Amy Cornell  fabrics. This is the darker one
 Another of the darker one, My dad was trying to help me get the borders in better lol.
Here's the second one. Dad held it up for me. There's a glare through the center where the sun was bright but you can see most of it and the borders :)  *To clarify on the boarder trouble, it's not eased in and doesn't have any ripples and the corners are the correct size and square. I had to piece some on to make it the correct length. Had measured and thought there was forward and I was wrong, hence the piecing!!!!

 I had some issues  making the borders long enough and this was a BIG learning curve for me. I'm used to purchasing the fabric for quilts I make and ensuring the yardage is at least 6 in. longer than I estimate the longest side plus 2 borders so the piecing on the border is not how I'd like it but it did work out. I hope Charisma is ok with it! The dark one I was prepared for and the boarders are sooooo much better. (Normally I'd rip it out and fix it to my standard of right but she needs them back by the middle of may so they need to go in the mail tomorrow for her to have them in time.)

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  1. It's always disappointing to have to make adjustments as a quilt progresses. It happens to me all the time. Actually, that is what makes the final product so personal. If every quilt turned out exactly as the pattern, there would be no individuality.