Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Life is good, bad and busy :)

The title says it all today! The last week has been really good, except for the bad, and extremely busy!

The Good - there has been a lot of fishing and quality family time going on, I just love that! I've gotten to spend lots of time with my wonderful husband and equally amazing son. Also, got to spend time with my Momma. We went to a cook out at our friend's house and Payton got to meet and play with their kids, it was a really fun time to. Nick and  Payton had a waterbaloon fight on Sunday after church while I did some quilting (Sue and I went to Sally's so I worked on hexies and still need to tackle the very last boarders, actually planning on that for tomorrow while payton is in school)


I'd suggest turning down the audio :) No bad words or anything just normal catch a fish chat!

(If it doesn't come up I'll work on fixing it after Payton's game, the camera battery needs to charge more and won't upload on the computer and charge)

 My guys with their fish

 Payton thought it was amazing!
 Nick had to get one of me...... Thanks babe ;)

We are tentativly planning on a weekend vacation with Payton in June. Not sure if we can make it happen or the exact dates but, we really want to take him to the Shedd Aquarium, Skydeck Chicago (also know as sears tower), and I'd love to take him to either the Children's museum there or the Museum of Science and History. No way would we be able to fit all of that into one weekend, so picking the best one's will be tough since we've never been. If you ever had, please let us know what you thought of it, we would love the input!

The Bad - The worst was when he started his allergy shots yesterday. I fest so bad for him :( He didn't throw a fit but he tensed up alot and they hurt him, poor thing cried for about 15 min. and complained about his arms hurting for an hour and a half. (He got ice cream for doing so go, that's right I'm not above bribery when I feel guilty for something that's necessary!)

When we got in the car after his first set of allergy shots (He's allergic to grass pollen, tree pollen, and dust mites) So it's all seasonal but they are so severe that they recommend the shots. He gets 2 every Monday for roughly the next 3 years...... not fun

Payton is still getting into trouble at school! Some of it is normal kid stuff, not listening the first time somethings said and having trouble following directions for things he already knows. In short, he's still bored and acting up. It doesn't help that he's a year younger than his classmates lol. The really bad happened on friday...... he punched a kid in the stomach..... he has been soooo very grounded. (He got a very long mom lecture and extra grounding through the weekend.) We're still reminding about keeping our hands to ourselves, a lot. That one just caught me off guard.

By no means are we perfect parents, far from it! We're young parents (I'm 25, til June, and my Nick turned 28 in January) and let him get away with a bit to much or let him play some games he really shouldn't, we let him play and do things that my mom says will give her a heart attack lol *you'd have to hear her say it to really get the funny from it* . All-in-all though we are pretty good parents. We don't beat him and I can count on one hand the amount of actual spankings he's had in his life *even those were pretty easy, I mean when my mom spanked me I cried and couldn't sit comfortably for an hour at least, he doesn't have such problems*. So, I didn't understand why he would even think it's ok to lay hands on another kid at school. Actually, even if he did have a reason I wouldn't have been ok with it!
Moving on......

The Busy - I mentioned I spent some time with my Momma this week. Most of it has been in her yard. Helping her put some river rock in and make new areas. (I'll have to post some pictures).  We also went to a Fairy Garden workshop at Garden Gate Greenhouse! I love that place, we both do. :) Payton had a couple t-ball games and anotherone tonight as well. Working on some housecleaning today, Elizabeth and I tackled Payton's cave, dum de dum dum duummmmmm!!!!! I'm thinking no more food or snacks in there until he remembers where the trash is!!!

Here's the Fairy garden I made at the workshop.

It actually ended up going over to moms house and is now happily living in her garden (She has this neat ability to keep plants alive for years) I have no such ability, sadly I love planting them but can't keep them alive for longer than a month if I'm lucky!

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