Saturday, May 19, 2012

Great Day!

Until today I haven't had anything "post worthy".  My Aunt Chris and Uncle Donald came to town today so I got to give them their wall hanging!

I'm so glad they liked it. Payton had a ball game yesterday at 6 and one today at 1! He's been doing really good, needs to watch the ball but hey he's 6 :)

The new movie theatre in our town opened last night and my amazing, wonderful and thoughtful hubby is taking me to a movie tonight!!! I'm so excited! Avengers is the planned movie.

If you can't tell we don't get to do many things together without Payton. Actually, there don't seem to be many things that we wouldn't feel "guilty" about going to without him. So it's really a special evening for us *bouncing with excitement*.

I have the binding sewn onto Aunt Gracie's quilt and about half of it folded over waiting to be sewed.

I don't know if it will pan out our not, but I was invited to put some of my quilts, if I can finish any that are not promised to someone, in a storefront and sell them. There is alot of hesitancy on my part for this.


1) I don't know what I can make in a short time that will work.

2) Pricing isn't a strong suit here!

3) I don't want to make things up and possibly have this fall through.


1) Possibly making some money for new fabric!

2) Having the opportunity to learn what people in my area are interested in

3) Getting business experience

4) Making more time for quilting due to "necessity"!

Nick and I went and he got new glasses and contacts. I ordered 4 charm packs each of the 3 new batik collections from connecting threads. I also ordered another pack of 1,000 one inch hexies. Will be on the look-out next week for some more black batik fabric since I'm expanding how many flowers are in the hexie quilt there's probably going to be a need for more of the black fabric in between!

Here's the link with the black fabric.

Hope you all have a great weekend. I'm hoping to have a great evening and get some quilting done tomorrow!


  1. The wall hanging that you made for your aunt and uncle looks wonderful. I understand your hesitancy about making quilts for sale. I would have a hard time making something that would be a reasonable price because I really value the time I put into quilting. I'm sure mine would be priced beyond what anyone would want to pay. Good luck with that decision.

  2. Thank You! I really loved how it turned out to :)

    I know! I would like the price to cover the materieals not to mention some profit for a new project. Ah the dream of a hobby quilter.... a self sustaining hobby lol