Monday, May 21, 2012

I See Quilting In My Future!!!

A quilter seeing quilting in her future. Not much of a surprise, huh? 

What is a surprise is that I have a new and improved sewing table thanks to the most amazing Daddy-In-Law ever!!!

 We have two dining tables, one for eating and one for me :)

We carried mine downstairs and loaded it up in Nick's truck and took it over to Mike n Jodie's house.
 It turns out the insert was the perfect size to create an area for my machine to drop in ande be flush with the table. Yay!!!

This also means that if we need it to, we can take the insert out and have a regular table again.

Payton occupying himself while we work :)
So we got there about 3:30 and by 7 I we were loading up my new and improved table..... What was that? Did you just ask if I took pictures? Yes, Yes I did :)

Here's Mike finishing up the first cut

Mike and Jodie. The are such great people :)
You might notice that the bolts are longer in this pic than the final product
Nick and Mike cut them off so there would be less trauma to my knees!

Here's my Nick. You know I really love this guy
he drives me nuts same as I do him but
I wouldn't trade him for the world.

Mike is putting the finishing touches on the insert!!!

I don't have a picture of it all together and finished yet, I forgot to snap one when we did the final fitting to make sure all fit perfectly and it was past time to get Payton home, bathed, fed, and in bed for school today!

So I took it today in it's spot with the machine in ; )

Here she is!!!

I like that we used double bolts so she is adjustable up or down, if needed.

Here's the long view, I'd hate for you to think I'm really neat!
I still have things finding a home and cleared off the tablefor the picture,sooooo it's all on the bed :)

So the only thing I need to do to have an amazing area for practicing free motion quilting, per Leah Day's blog, is the slider to keep fabric from catching on an edge not smoothed down enough. It's going to wait until we have some more extra *the bit of extra we did have went to nick's glasses and contacts and the charm packs and hexies all on their way here*.

So it may be a bit because next up for something that they want is Payton and there's a good possibilty it will be a pool in some form or another, I'm not betting on it being a regular size one more like one a kid can enjoy and a parent can pull a chair up to and put their legs in :)

I can't wait to start playing :) There are so many projects with deadlines or requested by people that I really just want to do a small project that is fun and stress free! I should get to work and not be so selfish though, there will hopefully be time to play after deadlines are met.

Is it just me or are deadlines easier to deal with if you get paid, which I do not! I still consider myself a beginner with intermediate tendancies and not at all OCD enough to fuss over every intersection meeting perfectly, though I try to make as many as possible perfect. Therefore not experienced enough to make money doing what I love....  there may be a flaw in that thinking lol

Random Fact: Did you know that I have always wanted to be a writer? I read lots of books, before the quilting bug hit I would read 1book every day unless it was more than 300 pages, and still get the daily things I needed done. Now it's more like a book a week lol. I have actually written a few short stores and who knows how many poems, poems were from writing classes in college and were required. Come to think of it, some of the short stories were to.


  1. Congratulations on your new sewing table. It will make a big difference in your sewing. How lucky you are to have handymen who can do this for you.

    1. Thank You Karen :) I feel very blessed to have so many loving and talented people around. Can't wait to get quilting!

  2. Love your new table - especially the drop-leaf sides! Lucky girl! ;))