Monday, May 28, 2012

Sun, fun, and quilting!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Memorial day weekend. We have really taken advantage of the hot sunny days and Nick's 3 day weekend! I may have partook in a bit to much sun as my shoulders are a bit on the pink side!

We spent Friday evening through sunday evening out camping with Mike and Jodie (Nick's Dad and Step-Mom). Payton loved getting to have a bit of freedom (some friends were camping with their little girl a few sites down on the same side of the road) and that he got plenty of undivided attention from mom and dad!

Naturally, we had to plan a few projects for our time. Some went over great, some not so much lol that would be kids for you, think they'll love something and 2 min. in they're done with it.

We did:
Reeses s'mores- huge hit! Adults and kids alike loved them. I prefer them with reeses but I'm a peanut butter fan.

Water color paints- Surprisingly not a big hit, Payton drew one pic and was bored! I was amazed since he askes all the time if we can paint, ah well to many kids to play with I suppose!

Fly a kite down at the beach- Interest in this lasted about 5 min. and then his dad and I were flying the kite and he had talked Grandma Jodie and Paw-Paw Mike into walking with him down to the water. Not so much a surpise there since it was about 95 out.

SuperSoaker Squirt Gun- ....... no input needed! He loved it, unsuspecting parents and grandparents....... not so much hahahaha....

I did manage to get some quilting done. There are now a total of 3 flowers finished for the hexi quilt!
It might have been mentioned before but I also got more hexies and ordered 12 charm packs from Connecting threads, 4 each of their 3 new Batik collections! I don't think all will be used in the hexie quilt (could you imagine how massive that would be!!!) . There may be a cathedral window quilt in my future with these or maybe another pattern will jump out at me!

I set them on the background fabric so maybe they will read closer to the finished product :)

Carlos is jealous that the bin of fabric is at max capacity and he missed out lol.
Onery things are not supposed to be laying in my fabric anyway!!!

This is the Rich and Muted Batik charm pack from Connecting threads.
Well you can't tell but it's actually 4 of them and I already sorted the colors into piles.

Summer Batik from Connecting threads, by far my favorite, I just love the bright colors.
There are a couple that I might just have to get yardage in!

Light and Bright Batik charm pack from Connecting threads.
Lots of pretty shading in this one.

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