Friday, June 1, 2012

It's going to be a weird week!

Hopefully, there will be more headway on quilting this month! Payton is on summer vacation so there is more wiggle room in our schedule and he'll be able to play with friends some to! This point vaguely leads me into a story......

Wednesday was payton's last day of school, so we were planning on making burgers on the grill and having a mini cook-out to celebrate. That did not happen.... we were out of propane, apparently forgot to get a new tank at the end of last year lol. So we invited his cousin Corey over to stay the night instead. Now Corey's little sister, Kendall, had a bad case of Strepp Throat not long ago and is on some antibiotics for it. I knew this and asked to see how Corey was before we invited him over, It had been about a week and there was not even a hint of symptoms, they said. So on with the evening we went :) I have to agree with Corey's parents, he was a happy, heathly, energetic kid. Just like Payton, so imagine all of our surprise when Brit took all 3 of her kids in for their allergy shots and was informed Corey has Strepp Throat!!! AHHHHH!!!!! Not good, because yesterday and today Payton has been acting off. He's not wanting to eat, not wanting to play but, is insisting he feels fine and says his throat doesn't hurt even though he's quickly aquiring that nasty scratchy cough....

Off to the doctor's office we go today @ 1:45. I have to say though, if he has something it is most likely not from Corey because as often as this house is infected with Strepp Throat (well not me as often since my Tonsil's were removed when I was a teenager) we know that it usually takes 7-10 days for it to manifest ( yup, I'm going with manifest since I can't think of any other word right now lol). I'm hoping it's a simple sinus thing that will clear up quickly but not ruling anything out til the doc see's him.

Ok, story over and getting back to the point of the post!

This is not going to be a wierd week due to possible looming illness, it's going to be a weird week because I'm not used to being alone during the day without my mom to visit! My MIL left for 2 weeks to go to South Carolina to visit her Daughter, Son-In-Law, and 3 Granddaughters that live there. She has been gone a week today. (I'm looking forward to her getting home next week cuz my Mommy-in-law rocks and is the best quilting buddy every, yup that's right my MIL taught me to quilt and we get along great! I'm not gloating just giving props to an amazing lady.) Well, this morning at 5:30 A.M. my Mom and Dad left for a weeks vacation! A couple days in Florida, to visit Grandma Berry (My Dad's mom) and the rest of the week in Atlanta, GA to visit Aunt Brenda (One of my Mom's sisters). They will probably get back Friday to since my Dad is a trucker and will leave out early Sunday morning.

What are we going to do all week! I'm so used to going with my MIL every Sunday to quilt at Sally's and going to my Mom's to have a cup of coffee and visit every morning after Payton goes to school! Luckily Payton loves to sleep in if I let him so I guess this week's mantra will be....

Sleep In, Clean, Quilt, and Play with Payton!!! *Not necessarily in that order*

Are you still with me? Really?!?! I'm shocked, I tend to ramble on you know ;) I did make a block this week, finished clue 2 for the mystery train on the Quilting Board and still working on hexie flowers. We have a graduation to go to tomorrow, which will depend on if Payton has what I dread. Then, a birthday party coming up on the 9th.

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