Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happier things for today :)

I know the last couple posts have been outraged and downers. Our entire family is still upset but aside from this quick update I am gonna try to not dwell and let it overtake my blog! It's been on Fox 59 news at 10 twice now (they update more info today) and two papers have picked it up. So it is being heard about and cannot be ignored! Since I can't change what happened I'm choosing to look at the good that can come after the bad. If you have any questions feel free to ask but for blogging today that's all I'll poston that! :)

Payton had a blast at tennis today :) He's healing up very well and I am proud to report I think/hope he has learned something because he is much more cautious when thinking about doing some of his crazy antics! *Huge grin here* I just hope it sticks :)

Tomorrow is going to be a new experience entirely. I hope this isn't TMI but, going to get my legs waxed (I hear it could keep em smooth for up to 6 weeks, so worth the 20 bucks) So we shall see how that bit of torture goes ;) After that there's going to be a day at the pool formyself, kiddo, and Elizabeth!!! Not going to get a lick of quilting done but this will be the first day of summer that we are in water, well worth it, especially since we have to drive 30 min to get to said water!

E and I are planning a cleaning spree tomorrow after pool..... so naturally I'm cleaning as mcuh as I can tonight so there's less tomorrow lol Not a fan of cleaning on a regualar day let alone after hours in the sun and water getting wiped out :P

Aunt Gracie's quilt may need another go round on the binding, I found a little spot that it caught the batting but missed the backing by just a hair. Think I may go around with a zig-zag to sturdy it up and catch that spot, which also does the job of double checking anything i may have missed!

Not much on the hexie front, been on a machine stint and fiddling with the layout a bit more.

That's all for the moment, wish me luck in finding that pesky camera charger as I clean. This posting without pictures (except those "borrowed" from facebook) is getting old very quickly!

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