Tuesday, June 12, 2012


My M-I-L is counting down the days until her retirement :)  22 days left! I personally can't wait til my favorite quilting buddy is free to hang out.

This is Sue my Mommy-in-law and the best quilting buddy ever!

I am counting down to June 23rd. Not simply because it's my birthday but because we are going to Shipshewana, IN for a quilt show!!!! My Mom and  Dad took me there last year and it was so much fun that I've been begging (shamelessly I might add lol) for months to go again this year. While my Mom and Dad can't make it :( they offered to watch Payton since he isn't a fan of long trips or lots of shopping.
My Dad helping pick out FQ's last year :)

At the meet and greet last year
mom was with us to but wasn't feeling well so I promised not to post the pictures
but you can see a bit of her face in the above pic :P

However, my wonderful Husband, Best Friend, and Mother in Law can! My Cousin-in-law (who happens to be my cousin's better half ) might be able to go as well depending on if she can find a sitter for her 3 kids.

So, lots of counting down here lately :P

Meanwhile, Payton had his doc appointment at Riley Hospital today. Nothing serious just a consultation for clipping his tounge (sounds worse than it is, he's tounge tied and can't stick his tounge out so they would be clipping the little thingy under it really and said the max recovery from any discomfort is a couple days)

We were told the two main reasons they will do the procedure is:
    1) infant cannot nurse do to it - not really an issue here lol
    2) Causes speach impedement - also not an issue since we have spent alot of time working on that.

So the only other thing we need to do is make a dentist appointment and see if being tongue tied will cause any dental problems. Since it's easier and less painful to have this procedure done than have him endure a year or more of braces later. So it is not something we have to do as of right now depending on how the dentist appointment goes.

The only downside to the procedure is that they have to put him under.... it should only take 10 min. to finish the clipping completely but having him under general anestesia is cause for worry because you just don't know if they will have any kind of reaction or not.

From Left to Right
Korbin, Corey, Kendall

Brit (brittany) is my cousin-in-law, I just adore getting to hang out with her
our kids love playing together which is a bonus! I hope she gets to go!

Quilty Update:

All the flowers are finished for the hexie quilt! I just need to decide on a layout and maybe make some diamond designs to fill in some extra space.... not sure I'll try to get a couple layouts posted in the next couple days and see what you think.

Super Busy Week!!!

Yesterdy we had tennis practice in the morning and a T-ball game in the evening
Today we had the appointment a rileys (an hour and a half away) and a T-ball game tonight
Tomorrow We have tennis practice in the morning and hopefully cleaning the rest of the day, this place needs some TLC lol!!!

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