Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sickened and Outraged

In the wee hours of this morning, my Uncle James was tazed by two cops. They Tazed a 64 year old man with Alzheimers in a locked Alzheimers unit Twice! He got startled when a male CNA came in his room, this disoriented him and he got combative. He did swing and hit but left no bruises. The EMT's were called, as is standard procedure since nursing homes are not allowed to restrain residents without doctors orders and this is not a normal reaction for my Uncle just so you know. The EMT's gave him a shot of some med and had him almost completely calmed down when the police arrived, which is also standard when the EMT's are called, seeing the cops agitated him again and instead of leaving or allowing the EMT's to do their job two seperate cops tazed him instead of attempting to restrain him or attempting anything else they Tazed him. I am infuriated as is all of our family and friends. James is not an angry alzheimers patient but he does get very confused when everything is dark and oftent mistakes large shapes at night for burglars, It's much worse with men. I can't even look at the pictures taken, it's sickening :(

On top of Tazing him they tightened the handcuffs to the point that he has huge blood whelts and cuts on them and they had to take him to the E.R. to control the bleeding and glue skin back onto the top of his hands where it ripped off. He looks like he has been through hell, and really he has. His wife, who only put him in a nursing home when he required 24 hr care that she just couldn't provide due to his all hours wandering, has already contacted the chief of police and one of his daughters has contacted the Indy News. I have no idea what any of this will accomplish, my personal opinion is that I want the two officers gone. I wouldn't trust them with my protection or those of anyone I love. The only answer she gets is "we will conduct a full investigation"... I'm not going to be quiet on this matter because this has to change. Most of all I am going to Pray for my Uncle to recover from this and Pray it never happens again...... if it does many in my family may be in need of bail money lol

Uncle Jim and his Sister-in-Law, my Aunt Gracie
Last year around Festival time.

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