Monday, June 18, 2012

Updated info on Uncle James.. Warning... pictures of the damage may be upsetting

On the last post there was a bit of misinformation, which I found out in the police report today.

Uncle Jim was not tazed twice, he was tazed 4 times. He was sitting in a chair in his room calmed down when they entered and ordered him to go lay down on the cot.... remember this is an advanced alzheimers patient in a locked down part of a nursing home.... he got up and walked past the cot toward an officer with a closed fist, he did not swing a them. A cop pulled out his tazer and repeatedly ordered him to the cot or he would be tazed. The nursed even told the cops he's an advanced alzheimers patient, he doesn't understand. He was tazed for walking "menacingly" towards the cops with a closed fist and not following orders that he couldn't understand. After being tazed he struggled with the cop trying to cuff him, I assume because he did not understand why he was being hurt. That struggle was because the officers were ordering him to roll over onto his stomach.... again he could not understand what they wanted. After being tazed 4 times the cops decided that they should just cuff his hands in front of him..... Then proceded to put him on the cot and strap him down so he could not move to take him to the hospital.

The worst two pictures are at the bottom so those who do not want to see them can see the one's that are not as bad. There was one more picture taken but, I chose not to post it because even if he doesn't know I don't want to embarass him.

I don't know how well his black eye shows up in this one
I think it might be so much in shadow.

what good did this do anyone?

tazer mark

I was not there so can't explain every single mark, I can
give a good guidline and many are from struggling.

tazer mark

all the little bits add up to one very
abused alzeimers patint :(

This is what their cuffs did to his poor hands.
It ripped skin off they had to glue it back on and
bandage it.

cuff marks on the other hand

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  1. This is absolutely disturbing. I wonder how anyone could possibly sleep well at night after doing such horrible things to an old man. But not only an old man, one with a terrible condition. All I could do was shake my head as I looked through the pictures and as soon as I saw the one of his hand I began to feel very violent. Since when did the elderly and sick become the bad guys?