Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Is it just me or is blogging a million times better with pictures?!?!

Pictures just make blogging so much more interesting. I can't tell you how relieving it is to have the camera charger back in its place.

As promised here are the majority of things that came home with me from shipshewana :) I only regret that the charger wasn't found until after we got back :(

Sue *MIL* picked this gorgeous stencil up at Yoder's for me
We happily share with each other, there's a lot less buying multiples
well except for fabric :)

Elizabeth *BFF* Picked this up at Yoder's for me
I had picked it out and between her and suzie I
wasn't allowed to by anything from Yoders.
I kinda Love that! Is that bad?

More stencils: Sue got the 3 butterflies from Yoders
I picked up the top boarder design and the flower/star/thingy at Lolly's

Sue surprised me with both of these from Lolly's
She got the same for herself to that way when
we quilt together we have our own

Sue (Are you seeing yet that I have the nicest and most amazing
Mommy-in-law ever yet?) got a set for me and a set for herself
so we can both practice our free motion quilting.
Jury is still out on if they work for us yet or not.

Hahahah, My bestie surprised me with this from
one of the tables at the quilt show.
It's pretty accurate ; )

My bestie got this for me to, I've been wanting one
alot and she got tired of listening to me go
back and forth. Lol not my intention since
I would have got it eventually but I'm not complaining.

I picked this up at Lolly's. I don't usually buy patterns since most of them
are easily simplified into a few blocks.
This one just caught my eye and my DH loved it and I can't free
hand designs for applique to save my life!

This we picked up at the Quilt show for my DH *Nick*.
He loves music and this is made of Zebra wood from
Africa, how neat is that!

E got me the black and purple hand quilting thread.
I picked up the needles and a spool of Auri-fil to try out
I keep hearing good things but have never tried it.

I picked this up at Lolly's. It's going to be the pop of color
in the pattern above for Nick. He picked it out and we
both think it will look neat on top of the black and white pieced

I picked both of these up at Little bit of Lolly's
The brighter one on the left is the backing for the hexie quilt
The darker one on the left is the backing for a panel of a moose for my
Uncle Doug, who happens to be Aunt Gracie's hubby so I want
him to have something for him since she's getting the black and white
Quilt for their room.

I got both of these at Little bit of Lolly's to! I just love that shop!
I fell in love with the one on the left and want that for a backing and border.
The one on the right goes so well with it that I'm thinking of getting a neutral-ish color and making
an irish chain to focus on the border and backing more!

If you know of a pattern that will show off the fabric more please comment and let me know about it! Nothing is set in stone, I just Love that fabric!

I hope you enjoyed some of the pretties from Shipshewana :)

I g/g DH and Payton are calling me to hurry up they want to go! Talk to you later.

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