Sunday, June 24, 2012

Amazing Birthday Trip!

Shipshewana was so much fun yesterday! There was so much to do and see. We walked around and explored for 7 hours! First thing we did was go to the Quilt show, all the beautiful quilts just amaze me. I did get Aunt Gracie's quilt appraised and should get that in the mail in two weeks, can't wait! That also means the binding got finished in time to lol talk about waiting to the last miniute! Nick, Sue and Elizabeth all seemed to have fun to :) I'll post about the pretties that came home tomorrow because........ I found the camera charger!!!!!! Went on a cleaning spree today and yup the cats had batted it under a chair to the far back. Sooo that is charging as we speak and I can snap pictures of the pretties later.

We had lunch at the Blue Gate Resturaunt, amazing food! They have the yummiest home made peanut butter you'll ever try. We bought two jars of it..... and forgot it..... I called when we realized which was after we got home lol and they could ship it but  that would cost more than the peanut butter itself! The nice people refunded our money and hopefully we'll remember it next time we go. That was actually the only not so great thing of the day everything else was perfect.

Oh my the quilt stores.... can we say heaven? I think the quilt area in Yoder Department Store is my all time favorite! The layout is amazing, color coded, things are easily found and the people that work there are so nice and helpful. I just love going in there. We went into Yoder's last, if we went first I'd have been broke before we stepped foot anywhere else.

We also went to Lolly's which is located in a big 3 story (4 including the "basement" floor) mall type building. It's almost overwhelming seeing so many different fabrics to oogle all at once! Went a floor lower to a Little bit of Lolly's which is an entire shop of only fabric that is brought down from Lolly's and priced at 7.95 a yard no matter the origional price *which is always 2 or more dollars higher*. Now the fabric in a Little Bit of Lolly's is not just the things that didn't sell, it is entire lines of fabric, there are Batiks and Civil War and Shabby Chic all organized. There are Brights and Kids and an entire wooden canoe filled with FQ's with benches along it to sit and pick to your content. Both stores are amazing but for some reason I always to to A Little Bit of Lolly's first ;)

When in this mall type building we shopped through almost every store (aside from the quilt show we spent most of our time here). They have everything! I'm just in love with the entire town. Everyone is super amazing, helpful, and nice. This place is Amish country, just so you get an idea of the look. The buildings are built amazingly. You have to drive carefully because there are horse and buggy's wherever you look. Honestly, it adds so much to the experience and the handmade things are built so much better than what you find in the major stores :) We end up buying so much when we are there because of the quality, wish we had more to spend this time!!! Then again I always do lol.

After each stop we'd load up the car and head to the next, the poor trunk was packed! Not all of it was purchased though, I knew E had worked a 12 hr shift the night before and didn't get any sleep before we left so there was a big pillow and comforter in there to so she could grab it if she wanted to nap on the way there and home.

I finally spilled the beans on the Hexi Quilt. Mostly because I thought the top would be done by now and I didn't want her to think I didn't get her anything. It's for the best Mommy-in-Law a girl could have :) Hopefully I can get a move on and get it finished soon! If not then she's still getting seperate x-mas gifts cuz the hexi quilt is for her b-day!!!

Happy Quilting -  I'll post the pretties tomorrow after the camera charges!

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