Saturday, June 16, 2012

Updates on.... well everything :)

I just realize I never updated on..... well anything!!! Sorry about that :) Might be a bit lengthy, it's been a long few days!

Payton's doc appointment went well. It doctor is not recommending the procedure, he also isn't recommending against it! What that means is from his standpoint there is not enough of a medical reason to do it. I asked about how it affecting the growth of his teeth, he said it could be a valid reason and I should follow up with a dentist since he knows nothing about that lol. All I have to do, after the dentist appointment if we end up deciding to have his tongue clipped is call and make the appointment.

Why have I not made the dentist appointment you ask? Well.... (Friday) at Payton's last T-ball game of the season he decided to play tarzan after the game. Climbed up to the top of the bleachers (Only 5 rows high on these ones so only about to the waist of an adult) and swing on the branch of the tree growing near it. The branch did not break actually he let go to late, lost his footing and busted his face on two of the bleacher steps :(  He is fine for the most part. He has a bruise on his forhead (the goose egg went down quickly and left it) and he busted the inside of his top lip which turned into a canker sore and his lip is still a bit swollen. I'm waiting for it to go down before scheduling the dentist.

Then Saturday (yes there's more...) when we were over at my cousin Jay's house. I was chatting with Brit while the kids played. He swears he has no idea how it happened. He stabbed his leg with some type of woodchip :( No idea where it came from or when he did it but it was pretty deep, I'd say at least a 1/2 inch. We cleaned it up and put a band aid on it but it's looking a bit angry today. More red and swollen than yesterday. I didn't see anything in it and nothing has came out so I can't wait until his allergy shots on Monday so I can have the doc double check him over..... for everything.

I know kids will be kids but people around here are going to think I'm beating this kid if he doesn't ease up! I hate seeing him hurt but I can't put him in a bubble and protect him from everything either... tempting as it may be lol

I'm trying to get as much done on the hexi quilt as I can but I'm going to have to put it on hold for a day here soon so I can finish the binding on the black and white quilt. I have an appointment this Saturday to have it appraised!!! I'm excited to see what something I've made is worth, and it'll be useful for my Aunt Gracie to have a replacement cost for her insurance.

45 days (including weekends) until Sue retires!! I know this number is different than what was posted last time.... I was going by what she was. I can't do that because it confused me as she explained it lol she didn't include weekends or her vacation days (that she's not planning to use lol) So she retires on July 31st.... I'm just going to count down to that :)

Yesterday was my sister's *Domonique who is expecting her second child actually* birthday. Tomorrow is my BFF Elizabeth's birthday and then on the 20th it's sue's birthday. Mine is the 23rd but honestly I'm more excited about Shipshewana than a birthday!

Are you still with me? Great! Now for the most important part of today's blogging, an introduction to the newest member of my already massive family! My cousin Kristen just had her beautiful daughter!

Meet Miss Elaine Anne Marie Mcpherson 7lbs 12.5 oz. 20 1/2 in. long :)
We have been calling her Lainey as her nickname.

Lainey is a doll, I'll get more picturs soon
she's only a couple hours old here!

Here's kristien and Lainey :)

I know this blog was a bit lengthy, sorry about that! I need to charge my camera and get back to business! Hope you all have a great weekend :)


  1. Thanks for sharing all of that. Little Guy is being quite a challenge right now. You will get past it. They do grow up eventually...and for the most part, in one piece.

    1. Haha I hope so, Karen! Some days believing he'll make it in one piece is easier than others :) I love watching him grow and explore, he's such a dare devil though!