Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hexagon Mania!!!

These flowers have been going together so much faster than those first few :) I decided this first hexi quilt will have 16 flowers on the front and the ugly one will go on the back for sure. I only have 4 left to make!!! After that I will start adding the black hexies between and on the boarder. Planning on  using the extra hexies as a scrappy boarder between rows of black.

Without further ado here they are :)

Here are the finished ones.

Here is a sample of them against a black background.
Already have most of the hexies in this background basted and ready but, didn't lay them out.
The cats don't understand not to lay on them :)


  1. Oh wow, you have way more patience than I do! Hexi's are fun to make, but piecing them, I-yi-yi.....but your fabrics are so pretty! It will look amazing when you are done:)

    1. Thanks, I love em. Very calming for some reason :)