Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Relieved - now back to our regularly scheduled quilting.

Payton's doctor appointment today went better than expected. I was assured his bout of stomach sickness was from the meds and he was pronounced 100% healthy boy! A bit confused because of his untypical lack of energy, doc reminded me that sometimes illness takes a bit out of kids and may take some extra time to work back up to normal...... Good point doc I appreciate the reminder (that was not sarcasm I was actually glad for it since the thought hadn't even crossed my mind).

Payton was excited, until he realized that ment he was getting his allergy shots still lol. He did great though no tears and hardly an ow. He perked up once he realized that ment he gets to go to tennis tomorrow and his t-ball game the day after.

While my boy has been down I haven't been able to accomplish much housekeeping. He tends to be a bit clingy and wants me close, I'm not complaining mind you :) Kids movies are not that bad... really... and I got some hand work done on the hexies while we hung out and watched movies.

Here's what I have so far :)


Close-up of Finished

 You see the one on the far left.... I call that one the Ugly Duckling because it did not come out looking good! lol It may end up on the back somewhere. If you count I have 17 total finished and unfinished while I only need 16 for what I have in mind  (Yes this is way less than the hexies I have based and the ones I have yet to baste...... Yes there will be a second hexie quilt in the works lol)

Layed out but not yet sewn together


  1. Glad to hear Little Guy is better. Great looking hexies. Love the batiks.

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