Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Busyness, Venting, Quilting and Fishing

Holy bananas! Today has been crazy. I took my cousin to Wabash for an appointment he had, I used the hour he was busy to go to Wally World (Walmart for those not used to my oddness ). Wally World yielded some stabalizer for the two wall hangings coming up next and also some new fishing line, hooks and sinkers :)

Can't wait to go fishing again, there's a 15-16 lb catfish that got away just waiting for a rematch!!!! ( I know the size because it broke the line just as I was getting it on the bank :( boo!) Lol, It would have gotten throw back I just needed it long enough to snap the pic! Darn, survival instinct.

Moving on..... So after Wally World and picking up my Cuz we headed back to town. What happens after I drop him off and go to pick my kid up from school. Someone was in more trouble than he could get out of! Payton lost all of his chips today and was one infraction away from going to the office! Apparently, he was having touble staying focused and on task. Messing with other kids things, trying to be the "class clown" and  all that normal kid stuff that is unacceptable in school. Ok, I can handle that. All kids have a bad day, or a few over the course of the year. Grounded from games and doing some cleaning of his playroom on top of regular homework. Well, he was being just as onery while outside waiting for me to get there. Opening the letter his teacher sent to me and getting out the shoelaces she had cut and twirling them in the air ect. The teacher that was outside let me know what happened.

(for those interested in what actually happens at home when something like this goes on. First, all games are gone for the day and in this case for an entire week since it is the second issue this severe in the last 2 weeks. Second, there are extra chores for him, not that he has a bunch on a regular day, he is now cleaning up his playroom that only he has destroyed! Homework is already done. There is no T.V. but if he listens and follows directions we will let him watch a movie later this evening before bed as per the normal wind down routine. There is no going outside to play, it's actually raining so he wouldn't have got to do that anyway. No sweets for snacks, we have a snack drawer that he gets to pick a snack out of and there are things like gummy snacks, oatmeal sandwich cookies, snack/bite size candy bars, and there are always apples and bananas available. Bed time will actually be about an hour and a half earlier which is why the movie option is still there since him actually sleeping isn't really possible.)

The sad thing is he Knows exactly what the consequences of his actions are at every step. All of this is the steepest we have. I don't spank or lay hands on him in a negative manner, we actually use more postitive reinforcement on a daily basis rather than consequences.

Now, I think I'm like most parents. My kid is misbehaving, I need to know. So when a teacher or responsible adult is letting me know I appreciate it. This different teacher outside with the car line, I did not appreciate her..... She has me really "cheesed" off! I am not a child. I am not stupid. I am actually a pretty darn good Mom! That woman gave me the third degree and talked to me like I was standing there holding his hands and making him act up! Then proceeded to continue to chatize my son in the back seat for his behavior. I'm sorry, but that is not ok. Letting me know is one thing. I will then handle the behavior and consequences from that point on.

I suppose my point in that little rant is "How Dare She Treat Me Like I'm a Bad And Inept Parent Because My Kid Was Not Acting How I Raised Him To Act"

Thanks for letting me vent! Letting it go to move on to better posting topics.

Moving on.... I did get some quilting done the day before yesterday. Do you remember me mentioning Charisma's Quilts? I have one completely finished and the other needs boarders and is done to!!! Woo-Hoo!!! I'll post pics as soon as they are both done and I can find a dry, pet hair free, environment in which to snap em :) 
My MIL (Sue) and I had a marathing quilting day *7 hrs* and watched 3 movies! Abduction, amazing movie by the way, was by far my favorite!

Hopefully, as soon as the boarders are attached I can bring my sewing things back home and work on things here again. Life is much more productive when I have my quilting at home :)

So, I hope you all are having a better evening than I am! Tomorrow should be much better :)

Happy Quilting

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  1. I hear ya - next time tell HER -

    "How Dare You Treat Me Like I'm a Bad And Inept Parent Because My Kid Was Not Acting How I Raised Him To Act".

    Funny how the TEACHER can't control him - and it's YOUR fault. Oh well, another topic for BOB. ;))

    Moving on - can't wait for pics of your quilts! YAY for quilting days and movies - ;))