Saturday, April 7, 2012

April 7 - A little bit of everything

First thing here is the pic of the black batik from Nancy J's as promised. I think the flash makes it read lighter than it is! Or that could just be what I see.

Our house has been a whirlwind this week! I helped my Aunt with some homework, which ended up taking me a couple hours longer than I expected. I mowed my MIL's (Sue) lawn today and then my moms (Shirley)front yard. Between the yards my dad, Payton and I stopped at  my FIL and second MIL's house to show off  Dad's new truck. We stayed and visited for a bit, walked down the street and found out there had (as of word of the street, not sure if it's true or not until hopefully Monday) been a shooting. *Enter blinding headache that kicks into overdrive after finished mowing moms lawn*  After all of that Payton stayed with his Nan-nan (Sue) and I headed home to grab a pork loin and run it to Mike n Jodie's for lunch tomorrow (Ha! I actually won a battle. Jodie had a loin in her freezer but the one I have is already thawed out. You'll learn that when in conversation with.... well pretty much any other female in the immediate family They Always Win!!! So this was a novel experience.)

When I returned home, Elizabeth (My best friend and also our roommate) informed me that our Easter egg hunt tomorrow at 3 had been moved to 2:30 (giving enough time for several people to get ready for work that night). Well, I snapped at E some and moved our lunch to a dinner. Then apologized ...profusely because, well no one deserves to be snapped at no matter the excuse and that's exactly what my headache and busyness would have been. So apolgized, forgiven. We then went grocery shopping! The best part of a best friend has to be how well they understand you and you understand them. I couldn't imagine not being friends, we have been friends for 13 years now. I almost can't remember a time we were not! After the grocerys got put away we did some cleaning and then she headed off to work and now I'm sitting here waiting on my DH (Nick) to get home! He had to work today and when he got off work he changed clothes and headed to his best friends (Dan) for the rest of the day.

Finally, it is time to relax and enjoy some alone time before DH returns and it's bed time because tomorrow promises to be just as busy as today!

In case I don't get a chance to get on tomorrow (hopefully I will)

Happy Easter Everyone!!!!

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