Saturday, April 21, 2012

LQS trip ~ Sick kid ~ Nails ~ and a Movie :)

Warning: this may not go in order of the title lol :)

Payton has had a cough, that I assumed was due to sinus issues. I was wrong..... Poor kid ended up getting sick 6 times in 3 hours the night before last. Needless to say he went to the doc. ASAP! He has a *don't mind my spelling here* Gastro-intestional Virus. Personally, I think stomach bug would have worked just fine but I'm quoting the doc. The only med he gets is phenegran for the nausea. Doc said anything else would just irritate his stomach more, so liquids and easily digested foods this weekend and he gets to miss school (which means he also has to miss the baseball parade he was supposed to walk in, not fun). To make things a little less.. you can't you can't you can't... we stopped at the movies store and got a couple new releases and since it was Thursday we got a couple dollar movies free. I love Family Video, they are best on prices and deals around here!

Now at this point you may be picturing a child that is miserable and so sick that he just lays around watching toons. Do not be fooled!!! Payton has just as much energy as any other time, he doesn't act sick in any way nothing hurts (except his stomach after he ate "real food"). The virus is contagious for a few days, ie. the no school and being in public, mostly if someone eats or drinks after him or is in close proximity for awhile. Quick trips where he isn't close to people is deemed O.K. with emphesis on the not being up close to people.
This leads into the LQS trip because, I needed more of the black batik. Yes, I underestimated how much it would take..... by about 2 yards. Ok Nancy J's had quite a bit on the bolt when I got it so I'll just call em up and make sure there's plenty. That way I can pick it up when Nick is home to watch kiddo. Nope, they had 1 3/4 yd. on the bolt and 2 FQ's......... they can hold it for me if I'm headed to pick it up. Ahhhh!  I have a sick kid and really don't want to have him out to much, even if he is feeling fine it just doesn't seem right. Fastforward to me being a "bad mommy" and taking him with me anyway, since I'm already likely to catch his sick I don't want him infecting anyone else so a babysitter is out and his dad was golfing (he had it planned for oh about 3 weeks and I was not going to ask him to cancle!)
Knowing how mommy is when he is sick he asks "Mommy, since I have to go with you to the fabric store do I get to pick  out some fabric to?"...... Well of course bub, I wouldn't make you go and not let you pick something.

Ignoring the fact that he has 2-3 quilts already planned and fabric picked out... Yes, my 6 year old is a fabriholic and loves planning his own quilts, he just wants mommy to do most of the sewing ;) He'll make the pillows. * I am not making that up, I promise. He has informed me that he likes making the pillows but I need to make the quilts. Hahahah. I love that kid. : D *
Where was I? Oh yea, We got to the fabric store just before closing (it's a 30 min trip to get there) and they had the batik ready, payton picked out his two choices from the clearance bin no less! I have taught that boy well lol always looking for a deal first. He got 1/4 yard of a blue flame and 1/2 yard of a green and grey stripe. No worries he wants them for seperate pillows :) All things considered I got off pretty easy this time, last time  took him to a fabric store with me he ended up getting more fabric than I did!

So home we went with out pretties in tow. A happy boy in the back seat and a happy mom in the front. We made it back home before Nick finished his golf game! Not by much but I'll take it :)
When Nick got home we got supper and popped in a movie Payton and I had rented earlier. We watched " We Bought A Zoo" Great movie! All of us loved it, I was a little surprised he sat throught eh entire thing and didn't lose interest, double brownie points for the movie :).
After that it was bed time. Payton and Nick went up to bed to sleep, I just tucked in the boy and came back downstairs. Elizabeth wanted to do my nails. She downloaded this really neat app on her phone that shows different designs and how to make them. After both of us had awesome nails to show off today I went to bed to! I feel like I should put the end :) If you read through all of that Congratz!

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