Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How do you post a button?

I have a couple buttons I'd love to add to the sidebar. Here is one. It's the button to Leah Day's free motion quilt along. Do you know how to add it?

<a href="http://www.freemotionquilting.blogspot.com/p/free-motion-quilt-along.html" target="_blank"><img alt="Free Motion Quilt Along" src="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-cj_060F6Qvc/TzWQ8K_rIZI/AAAAAAAAES8/G7lLL_XZJMI/s380/ad%2Bquilt%2Balong%2Bbutton.jpeg"/></a>

I have no idea :) I do know Payton and I just went to get his hair cut. It's a bit shorter on top than I wanted but it doesn't look bad, he loves it and hair will grow right? Right! Now a bit of blogging before T-Ball tonight! Poor kid had to miss the parade Saturday and his first game so tonights game is his first. Go Cubs! Lol....... they don't keep score in t-ball, I think that's a good thing. Let the kids enjoy the game before they feel the sting of defeat and the exultation of a win! I'm going to piece some more hexies together while there so long as the wind isn't to bad.

Here's our boy eating reeses pieces and excited about his new haircut. Don't mind the lack of shirt, he started complaining it was itchy from the bits of hair and promptly took it off.

I almost forgot, he's up to 2 lost teeth now. He lost the two bottom front teeth first :)


  1. First, copy the html code that you have included in your post above. Go to your Design page. Choose add a gadget. From the list that appears select HTML/Java Script. Paste the code in the box. You can put a title on it if you want. Then you save it. The gadget button should then appear on your page. Let me know if this isn't clear.

    1. Oh Thank You!!!! That is clear as day :) I'm going to try it now. I never noticed an HTML/Java Script on the gadgets lol

      Thanks again! You just made my day :)