Thursday, April 5, 2012

Lots of Hexagons

For a while now I've been working on making hexagons. The tentative plan is to  use in a more mosaic style rather than a traditional grandmothers flower garden. I say tentative because when the time comes a few different layouts will be posted and I'll take a poll and the most votes wins! The tally will be from here, the quilting board and facebook :)

So here is what I have done so far! Still basting with a few partial flowers together (from before the mosaic idea hit). It's all batik fabrics for this one. I got 5 charm packs from connecting threads and double cut them to make 2.5 squares that fit the 1 in. hexies perfectly. 

 Here are the hexies so far. If my math is right, and I can't promise it is, 8 short stacks 16 big stacks and 13 un-basted stacks = 184 + 592 = 776 basted and 208 to go! So I should have 984 total when done! I hope this makes at least a lap size quilt (It should but I haven't done the math yet)

 17 of the stacks are short ( I only got 1 charm pack of those) The rest I had 2 charm packs of so I have enough to make 2 flowers and have 4 centers if it ends up tradtional.
 This is Miley, Our wonderfully sweet puppy (don't mind the hair on the floor there is some major shedding going on in our house right now!)
 This is Sky, He is so friendly now that he's been neutered and declawed (really not a fan of declawing but he was attacking everyone human or animal and causing quite a bit of damage. I really wish we had him neutered first and then would have realized how big a difference it would make.) Live and learn. Either way he is such wonderful guy now!
Callulah is our skittish little girl. Our son picked her up and carried her around with him when she was younger, reguardless of how often we made him put her down we'd turn around and he'd have her again! I think he kind of ruined her for the whole lovey and cuddly trait. Every now and again, usually while he's at school, she'll sit by me and let me pet her for awhile.

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